Four Benefits of Having a Customer Service Chatbot on a Website

When it comes to running a successful business, there are many things that need to be taken care of. From managing the finances of the business, to simply making sure that there is an adequate customer service system, running a business can be incredibly difficult for people who are not used to it. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that running a business can be made easier. For instance, one thing that many businesses use is an automated customer service product. The most common form of this is going to be a chatbot that helps with customer service on a business’s website. There are many ways that this can help a business out. 

1. Helps the Customers Feel Cared for 

When customers see that there is an option for customer support, even if it is only run by a bot that can only handle simplistic questions, it will still help the customer feel as if their needs are being tended to. After all, it shows that the business is putting effort into making sure that there is customer service available at all hours of the day, and that the customer’s question can likely be answered in a matter of minutes. It’s details such as this that keep customers coming back to businesses. 

2. Reduces the Operational Cost of Customer Support

With an automated customer service program, such as a chatbot designed by ADA, a business isn’t going to need to keep nearly as many people managing the customer service department. This means that a business can usually get away with having a smaller team dedicated to answering questions that are too complex for the bot to handle. As all businesses know, having a smaller team means that it is going to cost significantly less to run the customer support department. This means that the business can use the spare money to better other departments, ultimately creating a better future for the business. 

3. Allows for a Quicker Response to Questions

It can generally go without saying that a bot doesn’t need to type out a sentence letter by letter. It is a bot, so it can produce sentences and responses much, much faster than a human ever could. There is also the fact that, assuming there is nothing wrong with the bot’s host, the bot will always be online, always looking at the chat window. This means that when a customer asks a question, the bot will be able to respond in a quick and timely manner, often in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. A quicker response time is another factor that can keep customers coming back to businesses, as it makes things incredibly convenient. 

4. Allows for 24/7 Customer Service 

Finally, a bot doesn’t necessarily have to sleep. This means that it can be online at all the strange hours of the night and day. If a customer from another time zone asks a question, the bot will be online to answer it. Not only does this mean that a business doesn’t have to pay employees to take the night shift for customer service, but it also means that there is 24/7 customer service for the clients as well. Again, this is a feature that businesses should strive to have, as it makes everyone happier in the end. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.