Five Ways To Keep Your Employees Safer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

No one wants to succumb to the Covid-19 virus. For employers, the thought of an outbreak would not only be worrying for the sake of the health of employees. It could also force people to cast aspersions about a possible lack of precautionary measures and general care. So, to protect everyone within your organization as well as your reputation, continue reading for five ways to keep your workforce safer during this pandemic as well as keeping your business afloat.

  1. Risk Assessments

When it comes to your employees, it is vital to view them as individuals rather than an entity. Each one has their own thoughts about the pandemic and concerns relating to catching and potentially passing on the virus. Having individual risk assessments for your staff is a worthwhile thing to do. It may take time but knowing that Belinda from accounts would be better off working from home because of a pulmonary condition is imperative. Likewise, having an understanding that Jeff’s youngest son has Down’s syndrome and congenital heart disease, and so him working from home or in isolation, if at all possible, would be a big weight off his mind. Being aware of people’s health conditions and other circumstances will allow decisions to be made that will be beneficial for all. 

  1. Working Conditions

As said previously, working from home is the safest option you have. Of course, for a lot of companies, it would simply be impossible. In that case, try to move things around to ensure everyone is distanced by around two meters. If shift work doesn’t currently happen, is this an option? If so, this would reduce the number of employees in the building at any one time. Of course, there are associated difficulties, and extra cleaning would need to happen between shifts, but it is something you ought to consider. 

  1. Vaccinations

At present, no one can be 100% certain about the implications of people having received the vaccine. However, judging by the overwhelming majority of the science out there, having it increases your chances of avoiding getting it and spreading it. Remind your staff that getting it would be most likely helping to protect the rest of the workforce as well as the community. You may also wish to consider investing in some COVID-19 vaccine incentives to thank your workers.

  1. Hygiene and PPE

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to wash your hands for the length of times it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice. However, if you’re not actually washing them properly for the correct length of time, it won’t help reduce the risk of catching and spreading germs. Display posters reminding your workforce of the most effective hand washing techniques (many people forget their thumbs!). Complacency can easily creep in, too. Remind your workers of the necessity of wearing their PPE as well as other hygiene measures. 

  1. Ventilation

An unpopular measure during the colder months, ventilation can help to reduce the spread of the virus. Keeping windows open wherever possible will assist in the workplace remaining as safe as possible. 

Heron Nelson

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