Finding Low Emission Vehicles In Toronto Just Got Easier

At one point in time, Toronto was known as the smog capital of Canada. The city’s air was full of pollution and visitors were often turned off by how unfresh the air was. Today, things are a lot different and the people of Toronto have made the right changes to clean up their city. 

Facedrive is a ride-sharing app that’s known for putting people and the planet first. They are always looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly and often choose hybrid or electric vehicles to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. This spring, Facedrive is excited to announce that they will be launching Steer.

What Is Steer?

Steer is a company based in Washington DC that focuses on monthly vehicle subscriptions. They use technology-driven vehicles and were originally started to complement Facedrive’s services of ride sharing and food deliveries. Steer is also backed by Exelon Corporation, which is one of the largest producers of clean energy in the US. 

The basis behind Steer is to challenge how car ownership takes place and offer people more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. It’s their mission to get all those gas guzzlers that are polluting the air off of the road. 

Facedrive Now Offers Steer In Canada

While Steer is an American-owned company, this year they finally announced their first opening in Canada. Since they are the leading electric vehicle subscription service in the US, they decided to take their services up North and launch Steer in Toronto ON. As of March 2021, people in Toronto now have more options for renting and leasing environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The company is currently working on expanding its services throughout North America, so Canadians may have more to look forward to in the future.

Why Choose Steer?

Steer makes it easier to get your hands on the wheel of an electric vehicle. People no longer have to feel guilty about what they’re emitting in the air when they go for a drive. Cars that run on gas generate a lot of noise and heat, neither is good for the environment.  Electric vehicles are a much nicer and green-friendly ride because they only generate a fraction of the noise and heat that comes from gas guzzlers. Since they cut out emissions, you can cruise at top speed without your vehicle bec


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