Finding Comfort and Closing Deals: The Balance a Traveling Salesperson Needs to Achieve

A person that continually closes deals as a traveling salesperson cans make quite a bit in terms of income. Being able to close a large volume of deals will require the salesperson to stay sharp. Comfortable traveling conditions are going to be paramount as driving hundreds of miles per day can tire a person out over the course of time. Being comfortable being outside of your hometown or staying at a hotel is important. You want to stay as sharp as possible during any business trip. Below are tips to achieve the balance between comfort and closing deals as a traveling salesperson.

Your Car Matters

The car that you use when going on a sales trip is going to matter. You do not want to rent a car that is far too small when arriving in a city or is difficult to drive. For those that use their own car for business it is important that you maintain the vehicle to the best of your ability. The last thing you want to do is put off car AC repair only to be stuck in a hot car for hours on end. Electric cars might not have the range of traditional cars although some electric cars have a range of around 400 miles on the highway.

Get into a Routine When in a Familiar Location

Creating some kind of routine when you arrive in a city or have a pitch coming up is important. This could be going to a favorite restaurant or ordering in while you put the finishing touches on your pitch. The routine can also include exercising as it can be easy to gain weight when traveling for professional reasons. You would be surprised at the comfort a routine provides even if you are trying to close a deal of a lifetime on the trip.

Block Out Time for Entertainment

You should block out time for entertainment as sitting in a hotel night after night can wear a person down. Researching a city or trying a new restaurant with your per diem money can be a nice treat after a long day. There are going to be certain cities where there is plenty to do and those cities where you will have to actively seek out entertainment.

Create a Detailed Timeline

You need to create a timeline before you depart on your sales trip. You do not want to overbook your meetings or pitches only to feel rushed to close a deal. A detailed timeline can include how long that it will take to get to an office. Being early is always better than being late when it comes to business. Picking accommodations that are centrally located to the different prospects you will be pitching is imperative. Certain cities like that of Austin, Texas have huge traffic jams during a majority of the day due to the city’s massive growth.

Finding the balance during long business trips is essential to stay fresh when you are on the road constantly. Take the time to use the tips above and truly enjoy traveling to new locations while being paid for it!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.