Financier Jacob Gottlieb Is Quietly Making His Mark On The World Of Healthcare

Jacob Gottlieb founded Visium Asset Management, a leading healthcare focused hedge fund valued at approximately $8 billion. He is the Chief Investment Officer of the company. It ran as a successful investment firm for many years, and one that always encouraged its employees to grow and succeed in their roles. All appeared to be going along well for Visium and its team until 2016.

The company is based out of New York, and it employed approximately 170 people at that time. It was in 2016 that the company and its executives became the target of a federal investigation. The charges centered around an insider trading scandel. Jacob was completely cleared of all allegations and any charges of wrongdoing. The other members of the executive team were not.

As a child, Jacob Gottlieb grew up in Brooklyn New York. Both of his parents had come to the U.S. from Europe in the 1960s. Helena and Max Gottlieb were Polish immigrants. Jacob was born shortly after their arrival in Brooklyn. Both of his parents were professionals. His mother Helena was a pediatrician, and his father Max was a professor of economics. As a youngster, Jacob was exposed to both professions, and he became very interested in both the medical field and the financial field. He showed an aptitude for finance, and he learned alot about the stock market.

When Jacob was entered into a contest in the 7th grade at school, he ended up coming in first place. He won for his success at picking stocks. His father encouraged his talent, and he set up an investment account for Jacob. A few years later, he attended college and pursued his degree in medicine. That would be in addition to Jacob also obtaining another degree in economics.

Jacob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. He attended Brown University in Rhode Island. He also obtained his Doctor of Medicine in New York’s NYU School of Medicine. As a young entrepreneur, Jacob was able to see many of the connections between the medical field and investing. Even though his plan was to pursue medicine, his interest in the stock market continued to burn bright. It would seem to be a natural career move and no surprise for Jacob when, in 2005, he initiated the healthcare hedge fund and Vilium.

Jacob Gottlieb is a dedicated member of the community, and he is an active supporter of the Covenant House. The organization was started in the 1970s with goal of assisting homeless children. The Covenant House provides food, shelter, and care for these unfortunate youth. It serves in New York City, in addition to many other cities in the United States, and throughout Central America and Canada.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.