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When you get your Synology camera licence, you can choose from over 5400 IP cameras. Each of which come with IP Camera Support so you know how to navigate different features. The Synology Surveillance Station Licenses are from over 100 brands including PTZ, fisheye, and could cameras just to mention a few. Synology understands that the only way to guarantee customization for your projects is through in-depth integration with specific brands.

Below is a guide on everything you need to know about surveillance camera licenses.

Surveillance Station License Packs

Synology has a standard Surveillance Station License that allows you to scale up when your monitoring needs increase. This means that you’ll always have the capacity to successfully expand in case of any impromptu plans to scale up deployment.

The packs are flexible and their ability to support more IP cameras ensure that your surveillance station network remains stable even after expansions. Remember to add a Synology device license for each camera you add to the network.

You can choose to go with the 1 pack, the 4 pack or the 8 pack depending on your surveillance needs. Synology delivers your license into your inbox without any delays.

Who’s the Official Synology partner

Innocam has been the official Synology partner for over nine years. The two companies have ben partners since 2010. Synology makes sure to choose the best product in the marker for better camera-surveillance integration. Thanks to Innocam, you can access higher service level through Synology surveillance packages.

How many Licenses do I Need?

Once you wire your payments, you’ll receive a license code via email. The process of accessing your Synology license is fully automated and the entire process takes no more than 24 hours. Not to mention that you need not worry about shipping costs.

Ideally, you should buy licenses depending on the number of camera’s you’d like to use. This means that before buying Synology licenses, you need to count up the camera’s you want to add to your surveillance network.

Synology licenses come in different packages that cater to different clients’ needs. If you know you’ll need more cameras in the future, you’re better off going with a big license package.


Once you get your license code, installation is easy. While on your Synology Surveillance Station, go to the main menu and click on Licenses. Once there, look for the add button and click on it.

From here, the installation wizard will lead you through the entire process. In case you’re having trouble completing your installation, you can always contact the support team for professional assistance.

Final Word

Synology licenses allow you to protect your home or business 24/7. Their IP camera system delivers excellent surveillance and it is quite easy to manage. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

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