Explore Some of the Most Popular Health Care Organizations on Instagram

Instagram is a crucial social media platform for healthcare and fitness businesses to promote their brands. According to an estimate, the total number of Instagrammers across the United States would be growing to approximately 125.5 million monthly active users by the year 2023. We already know that Instagram enjoys having over 1 billion active monthly users across the world since June 2018. Moreover, 90 percent of the Instagram accounts are known to follow at least one business on this versatile social media platform. Hence, with such impressive stats, Instagram would surely be the way to go for brands to boost their online awareness and extend their overall reach. 

As per Huffpost.com, Instagram is a popular social media platform thriving with people who are in the habit of sharing posts about their fitness and wellness habits. However, there are just a few fitness accounts that stand out from the rest. They usually share motivational quotes, inspiring fitness stories, fun workouts, and more that help in inspiring you to lead a physically active lifestyle. Good fitness-related posts get comments on Instagram; however, you may seek assistance from a trustworthy digital marketing company to learn more about getting comments from human Instagrammers.

1. #MelanomaLikesMe

Living in a region blessed with round-the-year sunshine and endless gorgeous beaches can seem to be fun for most people. However, it is very easy to get an overdose of sunlight and end up suffering from melanoma, a type of malignant skin cancer. In a radical departure from the usual tactic of scaring people off the potentially gruesome effects of melanoma with photos of tumors, tales of patients suffering, or dismal statistics, the Australian Melanoma Patients’ Association has established an account on Instagram by the handle of @_melanoma. The account is managed in a way that mimics that of a real person and engages with pictures of people enjoying themselves in the sun posted in other accounts. The photos of activities in the sunshine are identified by an algorithm as well as by tracking hashtags most likely to be used by people enjoying themselves in the sun. After identifying the photos, the account managers make likes and comments like “I love knowing you haven’t put on any sunscreen,” to draw attention to the deadly disease embedded with the hashtag #melanomalikesme. The link in the bio section of the account profile leads visitors to a website containing useful information on melanoma, as well as tips on staying safe from skin cancers.

2. #ActuallySheCan

Recognizing that very often healthcare issues faced by women tended to be often brushed under the carpet and women themselves suffered from inadequate information on healthcare concerns, Allergan, the global pharmaceutical leader embarked on an Instagram campaign using the hashtag #ActuallySheCan. The campaign was expressly designed to encourage women to share information on women’s healthcare issues with each other and to empower young women especially with knowledge on healthcare issues. The campaign uses compelling images with crisp and pithy messages along with the #ActuallySheCan hashtag in the posts. A click on the link in the bio section leads users to a goldmine of information on healthcare and wellness. The campaign has received a very good response simply because it is not pushing products but trying to encourage women to participate more in building a community.

3. #HeroinesofHealth

While it is not uncommon for responsible multinational companies to make documentaries promoting community health, GE created a stir with its Heroines of Health. It is a 30-minute documentary that narrated the stories of three women in Africa, Southeast Asia, and India who were striving to boost the standard of health in their local communities. Rather than following the convention and hosting a typical movie premiere to promote the documentary, GE chose Instagram and established a dedicated @heroinesofhealthfilm account on Instagram. The full video was released over 30 days in segments of one-minute. 

4. #WeDareYou

Brand managers love Instagram because it is unarguably among the best social media platforms for brand building and increasing the reach of the brand to its untapped target audiences. There can perhaps be no better example of a company that devised a very daring campaign on Instagram to build its brand image by advocating the need for everyone to improve their general health and wellbeing by taking small steps. These could be as simple as a 30-minute daily walk or including more veggies and fruits into your daily diet. The campaign introduced the fun element by encouraging participants to post images on Instagram undertaking the challenges. By using the hashtag #WeDareYou in their posts and tagging United Healthcare, they would become eligible to participate in monthly contests. This strategy ultimately proved to be very useful in encouraging them to visit the page and engage with the brand.


Social media marketing and promotion campaigns have to be relevant, personal, and memorable to the precise target audience. Hence, it is of pivotal importance to choose the right platform for your marketing and promotion campaign. If your social media marketing stratagem fails to include a powerful and versatile platform like Instagram, your business will miss opportunities to succeed and fail to gain traction. Draw inspiration from the above healthcare organizations that achieved incredible success and gained phenomenal popularity in their Instagram journey so far.

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