Essential Things You Need to Do Now Your Team is Working Remotely

There can be a variety of pros and cons when your team is working remotely.

The pros mainly consist of substantial savings on office fees, maintenance, and other overheads. But, there also has to be other considerations. The downside to remote work can be a change in productivity due to distractions at home and how the team works.

These are the things you need to consider when your team is working remotely; however, but taking a few simple steps, you can still benefit from the ‘pros’ without feeling too much of the pain from the ‘cons.’

#1 Make sure to still hold morning meetings

True, most meetings could have been an email, but communication is not the only reason you have meetings (although it is an important one). It offers a connection at the start of the day with other employees who may not otherwise see or have contact with anyone at all.

Suspicious bosses can make sure employees are not still in bed and are up and ready for the workday ahead, and of course, you can set the day’s goals for your team at this time. You can also use these meetings to listen to your team’s feedback regarding any concerns they may have.

#2 Use Gantt chart software

Even with meetings, you will still need to keep an eye on things in real-time and know who is doing what and when. You can do this by using the best project management software available, preferably something with Gantt Chart Software, giving your team an easy to see, graphical overview of everything.

#3 Look at your IT security

Before, all of your staff worked in the same place – your own office which can be easily kept safe and secure. But now, working remotely and accessing sensitive data over the internet, they are more open to cyberattacks. You need to check the anti-virus software, and staff is aware of threats now they are working from home and how to protect the information to which they have access.

#4 End of day meetings

Starting the day with a meeting is important, but holding one at the end of the day is just as vital. You can use these to tie up loose ends, discuss any problems or issues that may have arisen during the day, and sort out the priorities for tomorrow. Also, it lets your staff know when the end of the day is so they are then not tempted to work on and face overworking themselves or risk burnout.


The change to remote working will have caught many businesses unawares, and some are still adjusting 12 months later. During this time, keeping your team working at the same level of productivity as they did when you were all under the same roof will have been a challenge.

But, by having meetings at the start and end of every day, using software to ensure everybody knows what they should be doing, and keeping an eye on your IT security, you should be able to keep everything on track well into 2021.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.