Ensuring Employee Security & Peace of Mind With the Best Access Control Systems in the United Kingdom

If you are the owner of a business establishment in the UK, one of the aspects of your building that you should invest in is your access control system. The access control system of your building refers to the electronic method of restricting access or controlling the entrance to doors of your building. These are in place to ensure security and peace of mind.

Read on through this article to learn more about access control systems, and its benefits for your business as a whole.

1. You will no longer have to worry about lost keys

If many people are coming in and out of your building in the UK, it is better for you to have access control systems rather than individually giving out keys to all your employees. If an employee accidentally leaves their key or resigns, you won’t have to worry about collecting the keys as well. Keys can hardly be traced if someone duplicates them, but access cards can easily be deactivated.

Most of the best access control systems are electronic and are in the form of biometrics, which can also be easily programmed to refuse the biometrics of an employee should they cease to be a part of your company anymore.

2. You can control who comes in and out of your building

If you do not have an access control system in place, it becomes challenging for you to have control as to who comes in and out of your building. If you rely solely on keys, these keys can easily be duplicated. Apart from that, it is hard to maintain a logout and login system. Often, you may not have a record of who went inside your building, or who left, at a particular time.

This lack of a security system can be problematic, especially if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation wherein there is a theft or any crime that has to be solved. You will have a difficult time tracing the whereabouts of people in your business, hence employee security is weaker as well.

3. You can restrict certain places inside your building

Apart from the general entryway into your building, with an access control system, you can also restrict some places to authorized individuals. The most common example is in banks, where the money vault is often limited only to a few employees. In your business, you may have a room filled with confidential documents, or valuable items, where you would like to restrict access as well. This can be achieved through an access control system.

4. You can detect strangers

To ensure employee security and to have peace of mind, you must have a system to distinguish employees from strangers. This is especially true if your company has a large number of employees, where it becomes difficult to monitor each one individually. With numerous employees, even the employees themselves may find it difficult to know if a person is a stranger or a part of the team. With this, you become more susceptible to danger, as you cannot identify strangers.

An access control system can prevent strangers from coming in. There are electronic access control systems wherein entry pins are in the respective employee’s ID. Each employee has an electronic code, much like a biometrics system, to allow them entry. In this manner, strangers are controlled. If there are visitors, this can be manually controlled by your front desk or information personnel.

5. You can provide your employees with an easier lockout system

With an access control system, it becomes easier for you to shut down all entryways and exits of your building in the event of an emergency. For example, you are preventing possible armed men or any danger from coming into your building. On the reverse, too, in the event of a fire, for example, you can immediately unlock all the doors through your electronic control system.

With this convenience, during emergencies, you will no longer have to waste time looking for keys just to open or lock doors. During a crisis, even a second lost already makes a difference as to the safety of your workforce.


An access control system can mean more time to install the same, and also it can mean extra costs for your company to develop. However costly, the expense is worth the protection that you can give your employees. Although security in the UK is at a pretty good rate, you still cannot afford to take chances with the safety of many people, whom you must keep safe as they are part of your workforce.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.