Enjoy a Comfy Office Vibe With These 5 Practical Tips

For office employees, the workplace is a space where they should feel comfortable while practicing their profession and earning suitable wages at the same time. To support this, numerous studies have proven that a warm and pleasant work climate increases the employees’ productivity.

For the bosses, keeping the office clean and cozy is a priority they should not take for granted. A working environment that gives off a congenial atmosphere is a camp for productive workers. The creative juices would flow freely with a mentally refreshing workspace. Below are five tips you can exercise to serve your employees a comfy office vibe. 

Bring the Nature in

Aside from the fact that plants are visually enticing, plants also serve as handy air purifiers you could get in your office. You can have it by the corners of the place or by the desks and meeting tables. Indoor ornamentals are excellent investments you could add in your office environment to keep the employees free from fatigue and stress.

At the same time, plants boost the level of creativity and concentration of the employees. As it adds color to the office, it also heightens the productivity to the peak level, having the end of each day satisfying for everyone. Take a look at these three indoor plants you could effortlessly grow in your office.

1. Philodendron

This tropical plant removes the air toxin called formaldehyde that is the perpetrator of the burning sensation you could feel in your eyes, nose, and throat. This comes from wood products that are present in the office. Having this plant in the office desks is an excellent match to the furniture you have inside. 

2. Snake Plant

This primarily absorbs the carbon monoxide present in the air. In exchange, it releases oxygen for our respiration. The snake plant belongs to the succulent family that survives in a dry environment, which means that it could last without frequent hydration and maintenance. 

3. Aloe Vera

This one is generally advised to be situated near the windows where the sunlight could indirectly penetrate since it rots when it is excessively exposed to cold temperatures. The healing properties it has could go beyond burns to fevers. Accidental wounds you can get from staplers or even paper cuts are easily treated with aloe vera.

Improve the Air Conditioning System

Of course, sustaining a consistent level of humidity must be a priority in offices. Low air quality causes discomfort to employees. For example, they could get dry eyes, shortness of breath, and sinus congestion. If the environment makes the employees sick, it means that the workplace needs to improve the air-conditioning system it has. 

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Free Up Space

It is easy to find your things if you have them organized in the spaces intended for them. When you are bombarded with papers, you have to encode and forget how to use the drawer beneath your desk; you might have a hard time maximizing the space on top of your desk. It is essential to utilize the drawers still and divide it into portions so that you can group your things in their respective storage.

Additionally, if you want to save time, you should also save the space you have. By getting rid of the unnecessary items, you can keep those important ones right next to you and enjoy a time-efficient performance leaving the headache behind.

Keep it Bright

Our eyes are our wealth when it comes to our job. Installing eye-friendly lights projecting no shadows is a smart way to keep the office comfortable for the employees. Due to excessive exposure to computer screens, eye fatigue can no longer be avoided. However, with sufficient lighting, our eyes could bear with the exhaustion.

Our energy and mood substantially depend on the lighting. The brighter the place gets, the happier we become. Fluorescent lights are the best lighting you can have in your office. It practically appears like daylight, so our visual sense is already used to it. Low-intensity bulbs are also recommendable in the desks because it is suitable for reading and eye focus.

Clean the Workplace

Everyone indeed became health-conscious because of the current world crisis on COVID-19. Especially that this virus could possibly travel through the air, masks quickly escalated from being an accessory to becoming a necessity at this point in time. While everybody is adapting to the new normal, workplaces should be stern in the office’s hygienic protocols. 

Employees can feel anxious with the objects they hold and even the air they breathe. It is vital to keep all frequently touched surfaces clean every three hours and tagged for the identification of the utility personnel. Making employees feel safe in the workplace is one way of keeping them comfortable while performing their tasks.


The workplace is where employees spend most of every day to earn and to stimulate their career. Their interest in their jobs somehow relies on existing environmental motivation. The company’s shared goal will be achieved with flying colors if the office workers are energetic and productive each day.

Infographic Provided by American Residential Services
Drew Neisser