Electric Vehicles: The Future is Here

After two hundred years, we have finally managed to find a clean alternative to the internal combustion engine and electric vehicles, EV, are now being produced the world over. Zero emissions will soon be the goal everywhere and we have to start somewhere and already, developing countries such as Thailand are leading the way by introducing electric vehicles into the market. Countries around the world have their own way to encourage citizens to make the switch to EV transportation and within a few years, we can expect to see the number of electric vehicles rise exponentially.

Nationwide Connectivity

Of course, the necessary infrastructure must be in place for widespread use of electric vehicles and with Thailand having roads that are the envy of Europe, it is not difficult to start phasing EV charging stations. Indeed, there are already quite a few EV charging stations, making this clean energy available to all and it won’t be long before the smog over Bangkok is merely a memory, as we no longer burn oil and emit the waste into the atmosphere. If you would like to view some EV models, www.ugocorp.com offer a diverse range of electric vehicles, all at affordable prices.

Types of Electric Vehicle

There are many types of electric vehicle, which include:

  • Golf cart
  • Passenger car
  • Small & medium size commercial van
  • Emergency vehicles – Police, fire & ambulance
  • Motorcycle
  • Hospitality unit

Many businesses already use EVs to ferry people around their large facilities and with no engine to service, motoring costs are slashed when you switch to an electric vehicle. Also, the government offers incentives if you install an electric car charging point installation for your business, which is accelerating the adoption of the technology. Some experts think that by the year 2030, we won’t be using the internal combustion and if this comes to fruition, global pollution will be greatly reduced.

The Hospitality Industry

This sector is already heavily investing in electric vehicles, with buggies and carts that are used to transport potential clients to view developments. These vehicles are ideal, as they need very little maintenance and are cheap to run and they can negotiate a range of surfaces, with nice wide tyres that do not damage lawns. Click here for signs that your business is in difficulty.

Noise Reduction

It is high time we found an alternative to noisy diesel engines, which is what the EV actually is; the only sound from the EV is a quiet ‘whine’ caused by the motor. Of course, it will take a few years to completely change to electrically powered vehicles, but we are already taking those first steps and next time you are out on the roads, keep your eyes peeled for EV charging stations, which will be located close to petrol stations across the country.

Eco-Friendly Transport

Of course, the eventual aim is the stop burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, which will see the global pollution problem all but solved. Next time you are thinking of changing your car, make sure you have a good look at the current electric vehicle collection.

Electric vehicles will greatly reduce the level of pollution around the world and Thailand is proud to be at the forefront of clean energy development.