Are you aspiring to own a business startup? Your first business will need everything that you have to get successful. From a bright business idea to know your marketplace, get ready for a rollercoaster ride. You will need your best plan, a vigorous work ethic, constant dedication, perseverance, and finance. These things might seem impossible for a new business, but these are the most critical factors that will help you survive the hurdles. Starting a business is exciting and challenging side by side. You can enjoy the freedom of being your boss, and you will also get anxious about gathering resources. That does not mean that you should drop being an entrepreneur.

We all strive to be successful or at least attain some satisfaction in whatever we do. It is human nature to aim for success, but we often forget that we cannot succeed without knowing failure. You have been a successful means to learn from those who were once a beginner. Listening to their struggles can give you an insight into how you shall proceed. We cannot ignore the fact that the struggles they faced a decade ago might not exist today, but still owning a business is mostly depends on strategies. A startup entails a solid action plan, but it also requires you to assess your resource’s pros and cons. How will you maintain the cash flow, investment strategies, business registration and licensing, and target audience?

Businesses must full registration and legal protocols. Once you are in documents, you are eligible to pay for taxes and other beneficiaries. Knowing about tax technologies can help you choose the most reachable way of paying your taxes, which will not prove a burden for you. Multiple automated and software-based technologies are trending these days. These technologies are assisting businesses and tax collectors.

If you are thinking about owning a business this year, here are a few suggestions that will help you set a clear goal?

  • Know your passion

Knowing what you want and what you can do well matters a lot. If you have an interest in cooking and can start an ethical food venture, but you opt for something new to you, your business will be a disaster. It is essential to understand that initially, you will be playing various roles like that of a manager, accountant, and even delivery boy. 

A new startup demands energy, efforts, and money. If you feel pleasure in building birdhouses, baking cookies, or also doing embroidery, spare some time for research and get set for starting your venture. Starting a business and making efforts to sustain it shall not be a burden to you, but it shall bring pleasure. We can only give our best when we have a firm hold on the skills essential for your business.

  • Be a sponge

We all know that we learn best when we observe and listen to others. Many new entrepreneurs in their early stages are reluctant to accept any advice or suggestions. This contributes very much to the fact that only 10% of startup sustain through its early stages. While you embark on the journey of being an entrepreneur, the best strategy is to be a sponge that can absorb everything. You might not feel it, but you will need a lot of ideas and suggestions other than yours on your journey along. Try to write ideas and suggestions that you find useful and make a list of all the resources you come across. It is better to share your ideas with your friends or with business owners around you for their feedback. Feel lucky if veteran business owners spare time to listen to your idea and give their input. Such people know what will work and what does not.

  • Try to provide solutions

While you are generating the idea of starting a business and what it will sell, try to think of what it will solve. Many companies sell, but those who provide solutions to their customers steal the limelight. Providing a problem-solving product will increase your customer base in a short period. For instance, if you are dealing in a software house, you can offer software that can help small business owners at reasonable prices. Once you build your company’s or startup images as a solution provider, you can indulge in selling services. Understand why you are starting your business; this will help you build your brand and market strategy.

  • Be well-versed in research

Once you know what startup will you own, and what will be its purpose? Now your next step shall be market research. There are multiple things that you should consider before launching your business. From where will you get your supplies? What expertise you will need for your business and many other factors that you cannot ignore. You can get answers to all these questions by conducting thorough research of the market, its surrounding companies, and the customers they have at present. 

Conducting research gives you an idea about your startup success rate, which areas you need to change or improve, and what strategies you need to adapt. Do not confine your research in books and the internet; instead, step out into the market and talk to the business owners who will answer your questions and then analyze your idea.

  • Chalk out your plan

From generating ideas, gathering suggestions, and doing market research, the next thing you will need is to plan how you will launch your business. Like you cannot construct a building without a plan and design; similarly, your business needs a plan too. Your business plan is like a map that will guide you about your next move. Your project shall involve your business concept, how will you fit in your marketplace, and how your finances will play their role. If you are looking for investors or business loans, your business plan will prove to be an insight provider and convincing banks or business owners to help you out.

  • Profit over revenue approach

You must have heard new business owners claiming, “I have had this much revenue.” If someone has a revenue of 900,000 dollars and a profit of 10,000 dollars per month, will it matter? You might generate a significant revenue once, but it is not sustainable every time. However, you can maintain your profit window easily. As a budding business, your primary concern is to look for profit to fulfill your needs and keep your cash influx steady.

  • Motivate your team

It is convenient for people to put their trust in a new startup. If you hire an employee, seeing that your startup is unique, there will be few responses if you have employees make sure not to let your frustration out on them. A happy employee can keep your business growing. Many entrepreneurs do not focus on their employee’s morale and motivation. Let your team feel that they are an essential part of your business, listen to their opinions, and appreciate their small successes. This way, your team will perform more effectively and will give you a 100% input.

  •  Know your competitors

While you start your setup, do not think you are alone, and you will not face any hurdles. There must be many businesses similar to yours and can give you cut-throat competition. Keep in mind that your competitors have survived their initial years, and as a new business, they can easily knock you down. The best way to stay ahead of your competitors is to know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Knowing their weaknesses can give you an edge to stay ahead of them.  


Businesses are all about the right approaches and being willing to adapt to changing trends. Many new businesses often fail because of fewer finances, weak strategies, or the rigidity of not listening to any ideas. Perseverance and flexibility can change your business direction if you keep an eye on what is trending and what measure you need to take further. You can learn more about business strategies by attending webinars or other educational conferences to equip you with ideas about your startup.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.