12 Essential Editing and Proofreading Tools To Polish Your Blog Posts

A blog is everything in today’s world of online marketing. There’s no easier way of getting the word out about your product or service, is there?

In theory, yes, but in practice you need to utilize certain skills in order to pull in the readers you need to go viral. Are you slightly unsure of your own writing skills, or worried about your rusty grasp of the rules of grammar?

Here are twelve editing, online writer and proofreading tools that will help you polish your blog posts up and make them shine:

Top 12 List of Editing and Proofreading Tools

#1. ProWriting Aid 

Pro Writing Aid is an online grammar check that you can use on their website, or install into your favourite text editor, such as Microsoft Word or Scrivener.

ProWritingAid – Grammar Checking & Manuscript Editing Software

Simply insert your text into the checker, and it will return it to you with any errors marked up, ready for you to correct. It will even give you suggestions as to how to correct them, too.

#2:  BoomEssays

Boomessays: Editing your blogs yourself sounds like it shouldn’t be too hard, but in practice it can be a real slog, poring through them all yourself and picking out the errors.


Plus, as a business owner, you just don’t have the time or energy to do so. This writing and editing service can help. Send them your completed blog posts, and they will proofread and edit them, making them ready for publication.

#3: Jargon Buster

Jargon Buster: Being so familiar with what you do as a business, it’s likely that you use jargon in your writing without even really knowing it.

Clarity Jargon Buster

However, reading a jargon filled blog is likely to put potential customers. This tool helps you weed out the buzzwords, quickly. Paste your work in, and every instance of jargon will be highlighted, ready for you to remove or replace it.

Your writing will become much clearer and easier for the general public to read.

#4:  Hemingway Editor

Looking to improve your grammar and spelling? This tool can help you. Paste your writing into it, and it will highlight every error it sees in it.

Hemingway Editor

It even highlights different types of errors in different colours, making it easy to see at a glance where your weaknesses are.

You’ll soon find out whether you’re too happy with the adverbs, and will be able to correct them swiftly. You’ll be surprised at how soon your writing will improve.

#5:  Grammar Checker

This in depth grammar checker will pick out anything in your writing that can be improved, such as your verb placement, your contextual spelling errors, and your singular and plural nouns.

New WebPAY Live Configuration Details for Aida Ventures (1) (1)

Grammarix com

If you’re not even sure what those terms means, it will be able to define them for you.

There are few grammar checkers online that are able to go as deep as this one, so if you’re serious about improving your writing, this one is the one to use.

#6:  EssayRoo

Do you struggle to write good blog posts, or do you just not have the time to do so? This aussie writing service can actually write, edit and proofread them for you.


Send them the topics, themes, and products that need to be mentioned in your post, and they’ll send you a fully original, high quality post for you to publish on your blog.

You’ll be able to keep regular updates going without having to carve time out of your busy day in order to write them.

#7:  Readability Test Tool 

To keep readers coming back to your blog, they need to be able to read, follow, and understand what you’re saying in your posts.

Free Readability Test Tool

This tool is an easy way to see how easy your work is to read, and will give you ideas on how to amend it to suit your ideal audience. Just paste your work in on the site, and it will give you its readability score on several different scales.

#8:  After The Deadline

Need to proofread quickly? If you’re chasing after the latest trends or breaking news and only have a small time frame in order to get readers to your blog, this tool can help.

After the Deadline

Paste in your work, and it will instantly give you all of the errors that have appeared in your work. Then, you can quickly amend them and get your blog up online.

#9:  Ginger Online Proofreading 

It’s often easier to ask another person to proofread your work, but if you’re self employed, or your colleagues are busy trying to hit their own deadlines, it may not be as easy as that.

Online Proofreading with Ginger Software

This tool automatically proofreads your work, letting you get your writing corrected and then published as soon as possible.

#10:  Slick Write

This tool is another excellent grammar checking tool, although it can also be used as an online text editor if you so choose.

Slick Write

Simply enter your writing into its clean interface, and it will highlight any errors you’ve made. Then, it’s very simple to get them edited, ready for publication.

#11:  Paper Rater

Many of these tools give you the option of downloading them for ease of use, but maybe you don’t want to do that.

Grammar Check, Plagiarism Detection

Whether you’re using an office PC for work, or you just don’t want to download anything else onto your laptop, this tool will check your grammar for you within your browser. Nothing could be simpler.

#12:  State of writing

Finally, but just as importantly, a good spell check should be used on all your blog posts before you send them out into the world.

State Of Writing

This tool is great as it offers you several options for using it, including within your browser or downloaded into your favorite text editor. It can even offer the correct spelling suggestions as you type.

All of these tools  will give the edge on every other business blog out there, especially if you combine them with an SEO service like seooneclick.com. Outshine the others in your industry by publishing highly polished, grammatically correct blogs, and watch your readership grow.

Remember, the more readers you have, the more readers you can convert into loyal customers.

Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a creative writer. She has recently launched her Studydemic educational website and is currently working as a freelance writer and editor.