Does Your Office Need Remote Site Security?

Offices sometimes lack on-site IT, or security which can make your business susceptible to theft. Remote site security involves a system that combines CCTV video cameras, mobile video surveillance, analytics, alarms, monitoring centers, and security agents to help prevent any potential threats. 

Cameras spot threats and analyzed by real-time algorithms based on particular criteria. Once the software recognizes something in the office that shouldn’t be, a security guard at a remote center is alerted, they will review the footage and take the appropriate actions. Remote site security can include lots of customized equipment for your office, like surveillance cameras, DVR/NVR for video storage, mics and speakers, analytics software, motion-activated lights, alarm sensors, battery and power backup and towers to mount equipment.

Today’s remote site security systems are more advanced, and can be used to analyze traffic patterns in the store, monitor employee activities, and protect your business from fraud and theft. All office security situations are different, and not all require having security guards on site. Remote site security is an effective use of safety and provides savings compared to having a security guard on-site monitoring your business, but there are more benefits to getting remote site security for your office. 

24/7 Protection of Your Office

Remote site security is a popular system for your business and offer the ability to monitor your office from a mobile app or device. You can simply log into an app and quickly view live and recorded video of your business. You can search through footage for specific timeframes and incidents. Having remote site security gives you peace of mind of 24/7 surveillance of your office and assets. 

Protect Your Liability with Remote Site Security

A benefit that sometimes might be overlooked when it comes to remote site security is the protection it proposes to you and your employees in a case of liability. There are numerous situations when an instance comes down to, he-said-she-said, but when you recorded video to back up your claim, it can be priceless.  The site of video cameras changes people’s behaviors, and can deter from bad situations happening.  


Another benefit of remote security services in your office is the cost-effectiveness of having a remote guard in place, is a lot cheaper than the price of a security guard in your office. The remote site security company would develop your security needs through an assessment to provide your office with the best security plan needed for your business. If you use remote site security in your business, you will also find value in the following areas:

  • Prevention and deterrent of theft and vandalism
  • Area monitoring
  • Object, people and vehicle tracking
  • Intrusion detection and deterrent

How does Remote Site Security Work?

Remote site security lets you tailor when you use the service, and the process works in several steps such as:

  • An Internet connection sends images from your cameras to screens in an external remote monitoring station.
  • If the cameras identify unusual activity, the incident will appear on the screen of a security professional, and the security guard will monitor the scene to achieve the best footage possible. 
  • Loudspeakers are used to communicate with an intruder
  • Emergency services are called, along with anyone else who needs to be notified. 

Final Thoughts

Using remote site security in a positive reinforcement in your office, it can boost employee productivity. In situations of liability or compliance, the system is essential evidence to protect you. It also can help you develop crucial insights into your customer’s purchasing habits to help you increase sales, or fix the layout of your office. 

Remote site security services can be the correct solution and most effective method to provide you the security your office needs.  Having a remote site security system can also assist your office in detecting threats to your facility, such as fires, high carbon dioxide levels, and intrusions. A significant benefit of remote site security is the peace of mind for your business. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.