Digital Engagement and the Future of Hybrid Events

Digital engagement in the workplace can foster the new ways employees communicate, travel, and attend events in the post-COVID-19 world.  More and more frequent business travelers are looking to remain at home or in the office, while more and more professionals plan to attend virtual events as much or more than they used to attend physical ones.  Audiences have moved online and experienced the fatigue of typical video conferences on typical digital platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Creating hybrid events with separate experiences in which two audiences connect through shared content can aid in maximizing time and intrigue for every attendee.   

To create the “wow” factor, one must differentiate their event from cookie-cutter ones by way of customized graphics and layout.  Design the event program before selecting a virtual platform and minimize extra activities to reduce distractions and maintain engagement.  Or, consider moving beyond one-off events to a persistent interactive experience and create a digital campus where participants can attend events, discuss ideas, and network.  

Perhaps also offer access to a library of on-demand breakout sessions or facilitate networking through polls, chat, and Q&A features.  While physical events will not disappear, businesses can reach more people through hybrid events and digital campuses.

The power of virtual events

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.