6 Tips for Designing the Right Signage for Your Business

Signage for your business needs to draw a crowd, so one point is to never, ever, make it boring. That is one time when you want to stand out, and the first step is to understand the purpose of your signage.

Some ideas might include dressing up your office or business or advertising an event such as a special sale that you want to alert as many people as possible.

Maybe your business is brand new, and you need to get the word out to everyone. Whichever the reason, here are tips for designing the right signage for your business.

Your Budget

It is vital to avoid wasting time by knowing your budget before beginning your design. Cost determines the size and number of signs you can afford.

Quality of the signage becomes an issue because it also limits the number and size according to your budget. Depending on the type of sign you need, sophisticated design will cost more.

Signage is an effective way to convey your message, and never forget how cost-effective they are. Well designed and effective signage works for you always and requires minimal maintenance.

Find the Best Signage Company for You

As with any company, it is always best to work with one that is capable of handling the entire project. From the initial design to completion, the company you choose knows you personally and what you expect from their work.

When you vet the company, check their reputation and level of experience. Have they made designs similar to yours? If so, ask if you can see them in person. Talk to people familiar with the company.

That way, you will get a better feel for the people behind your project. If they do not gel with you and your expectations, find another company before you invest more time and money.

Choose the Best Design for Your Purpose

As in all advertising, target your signage to the people that are likely interested. The demographic of your audience is your target. Younger audiences respond well to brighter colors, with new fonts that inspire certain emotions. Your design company is well equipped to assist you in this area.

The initial design does not mean it is the final one. Lots of designs get trashed until the right one appears. You will know when that happens. Do not second guess yourself because if a design hits that sweet spot, run with it, and see how it plays out.

Location and Visibility of Your Signage

The signage you invested in will not live up to expectations if your target audience never gets to see what you have done. A good design that stands out above the others tells the viewer that you are serious, and you have their best interests in mind.

Aside from location, ensure your audience can easily see the signage from a distance. High contrast colors work well when viewed from a distance, but the opposite is true with low contrast colors.

Simplicity is Key

No one wants to struggle to read your sign. The same is true when the colors and the text seem out of proportion or misaligned. Graphic designers understand the importance of keeping their designs simple with plenty of white space around the elements. That way, the design does not look crowded and will not steal away its effectiveness when people view it for the first time.

In the graphic design field, there are dozens of details considered when a designer perfects their design. It is this level of perfection that affects a person’s reaction to it as a whole. Signage is no different. All the design considerations and details make up the finished product, but at the same time, it is eloquently simple.

Final Design

At first look, the finished product should impress and inspire you. If it does, you will know viewers will like it, too. It is OK to be your own worst critic, at least in this case. When the new design wins you over, you will know it will have what it takes to accomplish its goal.


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