Tips to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is not something you’d like to be proud of but circumstances might force you to do so. You could be facing serious accusations and hiring an attorney will be in your best interest. It will be a stressful period and it is important that you’re getting the right attorney to get the best out of the case. You might overlook some things which could impact your case negatively. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re looking to hire a criminal defense attorney.

Finding the Right Specialist

Just like any other branch of law, criminal law is not only vast but detailed as well. It will be in your best interest to be familiar with the nuances of the case. This will come in handy when searching for a criminal defense attorney. When looking for an attorney, make sure to ask very specific questions which will give insight into the experience of the lawyer. You can go further and ask about the possible outcome of the case after the attorney has examined the facts. You don’t want to be working with an attorney who doesn’t have experience with criminal law. Your life will be on the line and you want to maximize every chance you get to defend yourself.

Experience With Local Courts

The attorney that is representing you should be familiar with the local DA’s office. There are some judges that could be more lenient than others for your particular case. Knowing this information will be critical in coming up with the defense for your case. The familiarity with the local courts will help the attorney to know how to approach the case.

Communication is Important

The communication between you and the attorney is going to play a big role in the success of the defense. There could be serious implications when there is a breakdown in the communication process. It is imperative that the attorney is open and transparent with the communication process, as it is also imperative for you to be open and transparent with the attorney. Top Lawyers in Melbourne will ensure that you’re being informed when there are major developments with the case. A good attorney will encourage you to ask questions freely without fear. You can learn about the effectiveness of the communication process when you first reach out to the attorney. After how long did they respond to your questions? 


When you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you will need someone by your side. You don’t want to be working with an attorney that is not available when you need them the most. The attorney should make time for you and your case no matter how busy they might be. Other than your family, you will be relying on the guidance of the attorney to see you through the proceedings. It is the work of the attorney to ensure that you’re getting the best representation.


The billing process should also be clear from the onset. Make sure you know how much you’re supposed to pay before you continue engaging the criminal defense attorney. There are attorneys that will want to be billed by the hour while others prefer a fixed amount. There should be flexibility with the payment method. It is important that you’re looking for an attorney you can afford. You don’t want to be ambushed with a big cost when everything is done.


Getting an experienced criminal attorney will improve the chances of getting the best deal out of your case. An easy way of gauging experience is by looking at the number of years the attorney has been practicing. The more the years, the more the experience. Ask for references for cases that are similar to yours in nature.

For criminal cases, you might not always get what you want but a good attorney will ensure that you’re getting the best out of the situation. They will look at all the variables in order to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

You might not have a lot of time when searching for an attorney. Even so, it is crucial that you’re doing your homework to find an attorney that can represent you as you face criminal charges. Representing yourself will obviously be a bad idea, as the odds will be stacked against you. An experienced criminal defense attorney will make sure that you’re getting justice. Mistakes happen and hiring a criminal defense attorney doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.