Creating the Office Setting That Leads to Productivity

No matter where you work, the office setting plays a big role in your level of productivity and ability to focus.

Whether you have a home office or work in a desk cubicle, there are lots of ways you can create a setting that will lead to better, more effective productivity.

Read on to discover some inspirational ideas that will help you transform your office into the ideal workspace.

Clear the Clutter

Too much clutter can cause distractions, stress, and the inability to focus. You can create the office setting of your dreams simply by eliminating the mess and getting organized.

Corral small office accessories like paperclips, post-it notes, and pens into a single desktop organizer or bin. Make sure you have easy access to filing cabinets or large drawers so you can keep all of your paperwork in order.

Try not to overdo it when it comes to knick-knacks on your desk. A clean, open desk gives you more elbow room and frees your mind to focus on the task at hand. A simple act of quick clean up and organization can make your office look and feel more clean and open, leading to improved productivity.

Comfort is Key

If you’re uncomfortable and dealing with neck or pain back, it can be almost impossible to stay on task. Make sure you’re using supportive, ergonomic furniture that’s designed for all-day work at a computer or phone.

A standing desk is a great way to keep your blood flowing and help with the pain that often comes with long periods of sitting. If you don’t have a standing desk or don’t want to use one, take frequent breaks and make sure you stand up and walk around every 30 minutes or so whenever possible.

Choose office chairs that have lumbar support for your back along with adjustable arms, an adjustable height, and a tilting mechanism. These chairs allow you to change your seating to fit your body, giving you the support you need.

Try to sit up straight when you type and keep your computer at eye-level to avoid neck strain. A quality ergonomic keyboard can also help with hand and wrist issues. Use mousepads with wrist supports and choose desks with a keyboard tray to keep it organized and your hands at the proper level.

The Environment is Important in the Office Setting

Aside from a clean desk, an organized workspace, and comfortable furniture, your environment also plays a role in how productive you are. Indoor pollutants can make you feel fatigued and tired. You might also experience allergy or asthma symptoms if you work in an office environment with no windows and poor air circulation.

Make sure you can open a window or that your building is properly ventilated. Talk to your employer about the issue if you feel like it’s having an effect on your health and your productivity. They may be able to make some changes that will beneficial to everyone who works there.

Glare from the sun is another common issue that could cause you to experience eye strain, stress, and lower productivity levels. Consider adding a protective film to windows, which you can learn more about when you visit this website.

Bring potted plants into your office area if possible to help filter the air and to bring an element of the outdoors inside. Plants will make you feel more cheerful and they also give you a touch of greenery that brightens up the office space.

Give Yourself a Break

If you work in an office building with other employees, make sure the break room is accommodating and inviting. Taking a break is good for your body, mind, and morale.

For those who work from home, make sure you have plenty of snacks and stop work every few hours to take a breather. Walk outside and get some fresh air to clear your mind and help you feel more encouraged to stay productive.

Hydrate by drinking lots of water every day and try to keep your coffee or tea consumption to a minimum. Don’t binge on sugary or salty snacks since these can make your mind feel foggy. Instead, munch on fresh fruits or vegetables to help you keep going.

Check Your Tech

Without the proper technology, it’s almost impossible to be productive in today’s offices. Make sure your Internet provider is giving you the fastest, most stable connection speed possible.

If you have an office with several computers, be sure you have a secure server that can handle lots of information. Store everything on a separate server or on “the cloud” in case of emergencies so you’ll always have backup access to files.

Update your phone system and computers to make sure they’re able to handle the demands of a growing business. High-quality technology can make a huge difference when it comes to your success and your productivity levels.

Set Yourself and Your Office Up for Success

When it comes to setting up your new space, the office setting you design can play a significant role in your happiness, your productivity, and your ability to remain on task. Look for ways you can keep your desk organized, and try to create an office environment that’s healthy.

Choose supportive, ergonomic office furniture like adjustable chairs or standing desks. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks in a welcoming break room that will give you a reset to help you tackle the rest of your day.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.