Creating an Effective Company Intranet with No-Code

With a company intranet, information and resources can be securely shared among employees, so it undoubtedly makes sense for most businesses to create intranets.

If your business doesn’t have the technological know-how to create an intranet or the budget to outsource the software development, you might think implementing a company intranet is a challenging thing to do.

Thankfully, it isn’t – not when you create your intranet without the need for coding. A no-code development platform has all the tools and templates you need to create an intranet without coding.

So, let’s take a more detailed look at how you can create an effective company intranet with no code.

Make Use of Intranet Templates and Tools

Creating an intranet once required a team of skillful IT professionals performing complex coding, which would take weeks of development and testing. Now, by using a no-code platform, you can create a company intranet in just a few hours.

Once you have selected a platform to use, you simply need to access the site’s readymade intranet templates, which come with basic layouts and designs and require no coding.

After you have chosen a template, you simply need to put your own company stamp on it, such as picking fonts, colors, and logos, to create a unique intranet. Though, you may first want to ensure you don’t make any branding mistakes.

The best no-code intranet platforms use simple site builder widgets to help you get started with templates; not too dissimilar to website builders. With your chosen template and the platform’s interface, you can simply drag and drop components to create your own design.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of page layouts and design options. You can then simply add modules to pages, edit individual pages, and upload content like files, graphics, videos, images, and text.

What to Look for in a No-code Intranet Development Platform

Besides the templates and tools, there are other features you should look for in a no-code intranet development platform. Here are some of the features to look out for.

A Free Demo

First off, the provider should offer a free demo so you can play around with the templates, tools, and features to find out how easy it is to use and if it comes with everything you need to create a bespoke and effective intranet.


If the intranet provider you’re considering going with requires long training programs for your employees to get to grips with it, you should probably choose another provider. Make sure the provider you choose makes it easy for your workers to manage and use it.

Cloud Services

You don’t have to get a cloud-based intranet, but it will certainly be beneficial if you do. With an intranet hosted in the cloud, your employees can access it anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, there’s no need to install software on individual desktops and other devices.

Consider Creating an Extranet, Too

You may also want to create an extranet that houses clients, contractors, and other external parties. Thankfully, it’s just as easy to set up a client portal as it is to set up an intranet, as long as you select the right platform to use.

One of the best is the Airtable client portal. You can share your data with whoever needs it, easily create powerful tools to build whatever you want and plug in existing data sources.


Creating an effective intranet with no code is actually really simple. After you have chosen a platform to use, you simply need to choose a template, select the right tools, make your design unique, and add content.

And once you’ve successfully rolled out your company intranet, you should consider using effective employee engagement tools. The days of requiring complex coding skills to create a company intranet are over. Now, you can create an effective intranet in a matter of hours.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.