Commercial Construction in Orlando, FL

Upcoming Construction Projects in Orlando

 During the next year, the city of Orlando plans on completing a number of construction projects. These projects will include building new facilities, shopping centers and also repairing essential parts of the city’s infrastructure. These projects will allow the city to improve the quality of life for its residents as well as make progress towards maintaining its status as a top city to live and work in.

 ADA Transition Plan Update

 One of the first projects that the city plans on completing is the ADA transition plan update. Orlando intends to update the city’s public works and transportation systems. It will also update its ADA transition plan which will help improve its overall infrastructure in the near future. 

 Air Release Valve Rehabilitation

 The city’s public works department plans to provide oversight of the rehabilitation and replacement of air valves throughout the city. With this project, Orlando will be able to sanitize the sewer system and reduce the likelihood of future problems with this part of the city’s infrastructure. 

 City Park at the Packing District

 In the near future, Orlando plans on building a new city park. The new project is intended to take place in the Packing District. City officials and construction companies like Poli Construction in Orlando will begin building a modern park in one of the city’s premier neighborhoods. 

 Citywide Reclaimed Water Inspections

 Along with building new parks and repairing sewage systems, Orlando is also planning on inspecting the water systems. Orlando is committed to improving the quality of its water service. In an effort to maintain the water quality in the city, Orlando officials have ordered a comprehensive inspection of all reclaimed water systems all over the city. 

 Construction of New Orlando Tennis Center

 Orlando officials have also looked to construct a new tennis center. It plans on building new tennis courts that can provide residents with a place to participate in sports and recreational activities. The new tennis courts will be available for people of all skill levels to enjoy on a daily basis. 

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 Creative Village Phase 1 Development

 During the next year, Orlando plans on completing new developments. The city will begin the Creative Village Phase 1 which will change 68 acres of land owned by the city. This new project will consist of making the land into a mixed-use urban landscape. With the development of this project, Orlando will have a District that is supported by UCF Downtown and Valencia College downtown. 

 Dean Road Sanitary Sewer Upgrade

 The Dean Road Project is yet another construction project that the city of Orlando plans on completing within the next year. This project will look to preserve the integrity of the city’s water systems. It will also be completed in an effort to increase the longevity of the pipes in the sewer systems as well. The completion of this project will make the transportation of wastewater more efficient. 

 Drainage Improvements for Southeast Lakes

 Recently, Orlando announced that it plans on improving the city’s drainage systems in Southeast Lakes. The city recently proposed making an improvement of the drainage systems for one of its top neighborhoods. This new project will help reduce the chances of mass flooding in the city as well as help improve the overall water quality in the city as well. 

 East Pineloch Avenue Sanitary Sewer Removal & Replacement

 Orlando city officials have completed an agreement with OUC’s contractor Cathcart Construction Company to construct a new sewer system. This project will be done in order to improve the water flow and quality during the next year. The project will be completed in an effort to improve the sewer systems running through Delaney Street, Sylvan Avenue, and Center Street. Once this project is complete, there will be an extension of the city’s sanitary sewer systems into the Pineloch neighborhood within the next year. This new sewer system will provide service to properties that currently use septic systems to manage the flow of water and sewage.

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