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How To Design An Office Space That Inspires Collaboration

Collaboration is a critical ingredient for any business to succeed. However, fostering a free-flowing and productive exchange of ideas requires an office space that inspires collaboration. Beyond multipurpose or general office space, the right workplace should be designed with your team’s needs in mind.  Since collaboration means getting everyone involved, a collaborative office space should […]

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A Small Business Guide To Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation is the process of automatically executing repetitive and predefined tasks or processes. It streamlines business operations and helps organizations become more efficient and productive. As businesses grow, tasks become more complex and challenging to manage. Automation helps resolve this by taking over the manual processes, allowing employees to focus on more critical tasks […]

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6 Ways to Easily Turn Off Notifications on Iphone

As smartphones become increasingly central to our lives, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant stream of notifications. They’re just as much a tool for each part of our day as they are a distraction. This is worsened when using our phones for work, particularly when checking emails and using apps like Slack. It […]

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The Growing Prominence of Smart Devices

Smart devices are becoming increasingly popular for the modern household through offerings of convenience and luxury for its occupants. Household ownership of a smart device stands at 69% in America, and this number is expected to grow as higher numbers of Millenials and Gen Z become homeowners. Smart devices have many offerings for homeowners, including […]

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