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Dr. Sas Aim High: Lessons from the Air Force

“Aim high … Fly-fight-win.” This is the motto of the US Air Force. It is a call to action—”Aim high!”—with an answering call of “Fly, fight, win.” It is a commitment to rise up and do what’s necessary for the nation’s defense. Before Dr. Sas became the celebrated speaker and health and life coach dedicated […]

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How to Find a Repair Service for Specific Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment often requires specialized repair services. Finding a service provider can only be easy if you know what industrial equipment is needed. It’s wise to research beforehand to get the most reliable repair service in your area. A few factors will influence your choice of company, such as the type of equipment needing repair […]

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4 Tips Local Filmmakers Should Know for Finding Locations

Finding the perfect location can be a challenge for any filmmaker. Whether starting on your first short, making a feature-length movie, or filming a YouTube video, choosing the right place to shoot is critical for every successful film. Fortunately, various techniques can be used to find great locations, regardless of whether you’re shooting in your […]

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6 Tips for Choosing Which Franchise Opportunity is Best for You

It is an attractive option for experienced businesspeople who want to branch out without starting from scratch. Franchise owners benefit from being part of an established brand with proven success, which often includes all the tools and services needed to kickstart their business. 1. Research the Industry Thoroughly This will give you an overall understanding […]

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5 Steps to Take If a Commercial Property Loses Plumbing

Owning and managing a commercial property comes with the burden of responsibility for everything within it. This includes the plumbing system. Unfortunately, problems can arise with your commercial plumbing, such as a blockage or leaky pipes. Undoubtedly, that can cause costly inconveniences for you and your tenants. So, what steps do you take to fix […]

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4 Reasons to Choose a Metal Building for Commercial Property

Metal buildings are great for businesses looking to build or renovate their commercial property. They are durable and robust but also cost-effective and can be customized to your needs. If you want more information on the benefits of using a metal building for commercial property, here are four reasons why it’s worth considering. 1- Durable […]

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6 Essential Reasons Why Charter Companies Need Insurance

Charter companies are in an industry that deals directly with the public and needs a lot of insurance coverage. Insuring your charter company can ensure that you can continue to operate your business as efficiently as possible. This is especially true when boats or planes are involved with your operations. You will want to protect […]

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