Businesses Need Universal Accessibility Faster and At Less Cost


People rely on the internet every day to fulfill countless important and even essential functions. Being excluded from the internet would be so debilitating, it effectively shuts you out of modern life.

That’s why governments have made it illegal in some jurisdictions for companies to make websites or digital that aren’t universally accessible. Whether motivated by the law, ethics, or commerce, building universally accessible websites is essential. Companies looking to save money need effective and affordable ways of building for accessibility, and for this, they use on-demand online accessibility crowdtesting platforms. 

Real People Testing, Early

Automation can be useful in many situations, but nothing replaces having real people with various disabilities testing your product early in your development cycle. The best accessibility and usability testing relies on an engaged community of testers. 

When people with a cross-section of real disabilities test your products on every browser and platform, it produces the most accurate and credible results. Usability research should be founded on user insights and statistics observed through task analysis, observation techniques, and other feedback methodologies.

Companies looking to save money by skipping recruitment without cutting corners on accessibility testing need an assortment of real people with disabilities testing their products in the early stages of their development cycle.

Every Kind of Testing

Universal accessibility means the product needs to be tested and analyzed in every web and mobile experience, and for every kind of diverse user. No matter what device is being used, the product needs to work perfectly.

Before the product launches, it must be tested on Apple and Android software. The websites and apps must work smoothly with every type of assistive technology for people with any disability.

The ability to quickly schedule interviews and prototype reviews, request compatibility tests, and reviewWCAG guidelines are how companies achieve digital accessibility faster and at a lower cost.

The best on-demand accessibility crowdtesting platforms offer an optimal mix of moderated and unmoderated testing. Sometimes they’ll be in direct contact with the company during the testing, but they also need to poke and prod on their own and then report back.

This is the best way to identify barriers, assess experiences, and iron out kinks before the product launches.

Largest Audience Possible

Ensuring the entire public can access your product or service is effectively the same thing as growing your potential customer base. Large companies are compelled by law in certain regions to build accessible sites, but there’s simply no downside to doing so.

Pursuing commercial self-interest overlaps with legal and ethical considerations — universal accessibility is essential from every point of view. You might as well get it at the lowest cost possible.Businesses need to be resourceful to navigate changing market conditions. Efficiency is now essential, not a luxury. So is having a digital presence or storefront. Make sure you don’t make costly errors that take time to fix by getting digital accessibility right the first time. Contact an on-demand accessibility crowdtesting platform today.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.