Business Obstacles: Solving Language Issues

Of course, there are many setbacks and obstacles in every industry, and thanks to the Internet, you can now communicate across the world in real time, which inevitably brings language into play. Technology has not yet reached the point where we can converse in different languages using automated translation, and if you are one of the many businesspeople who has phone or video calls with Non-English-speaking people, there’s help at hand in the form of professional business language translation services.

Business Interpreting Across All Platforms

Using a first-class provider such as Ezispeak translation services takes the hard work out of communicating with non-English speaking people, and their range of professional services are designed for the businessperson who expects real-time results. By dealing with an established market leader, you have hundreds of certified interpreters that cover more than 180 languages, and state of the art technology empowers remote, real-time translations that enable dialogue over the phone or in a video conference call.

Phone Interpreting

How many times have you had a phone conversation with someone who speaks limited English? This can be very frustrating, and if the caller is a business client, failing to comprehend could result in loss of business. Once you are registered with a professional interpreting company, on-demand services are readily available, allowing you to have your call while receiving real-time translation from a remote interpreter. As soon as you require the service, the average time to connect you with a suitable interpreter is less than 30 seconds, and once connected, you will receive direct, real-time translation, thus enabling you to have a conversation with the other party.

Multi-Language Support Service

If you have customers all over the world, you can set up a multi-lingual 24/7 support service, and with professionals who are well-briefed regarding your business, they cover more than 170 languages. Boost your customer satisfaction by providing multi-language support that is online every day of the year, providing 100% support in real time. If you are thinking of setting up a business, here are a few aspects that might surprise you.

Video Conferencing Language Support

Many managers regularly use real-time video calls to communicate with employees and customers, and with a state-of-the-art on-demand video interpreting service, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Real time interpreters in most languages, always available, no scheduling required.
  • Software compatible, including mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • User-friendly and easily deployed.

With such a service, you have the ability to communicate with a person, regardless of language issues, and the professionals will tailor their service to suit you. Here is some information on telecommunications in Australia, which is well worth the read.

Simultaneous Interpreting

If you are holding a webinar, for example, you can communicate to many people in different languages, thanks to a network of certified interpreters who are always on call.

The following activities would benefit from this service:

  • Online training
  • Online conferences and meetings
  • Sales presentations
  • Product demonstrations

There is only one company with the resources to provide the above services and a Google search will put you in touch with a provider with all the language solutions.