Building Trust: Five Ways to Show Your Clients Your Moving Company Is Legit

Unfortunately, a few bad actors have sown distrust when it comes to the residential and commercial moving industry. However, this can and does happen in all industries. So don’t despair. Here are five ways to show your clients that your moving company is legitimate.

  1. Include Your Address on Your Website

It’s important to include an address on your website. Even if it’s just a P.O. Box, make sure there is a way for customers to reach you by mail. You don’t have to announce your physical location on the homepage of your website, but make sure an address is shown on the contact of your website. This shows that you’re an established business, rather than a fly-by-night side-hustle business.

  1. Include Your Licensing & Insurance Information on Your Website

Be sure that you show potential customers that their items are safe with you by sharing your license and insurance information on your website. You don’t have to include specific details, such as how much insurance you carry,  but your website should prominently show that you do have proper insurance. This indicates not only that your customer’s items are minimally protected, but that your movers are also covered by your policy.

Likewise, share your licensing information. You may choose to direct visitors to your website to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website to explain your licenses, and to show that you comply with rules and regulations.

  1. Prioritize Transparency

When providing an estimate, don’t shy away from discussing additional fees or charges. Most unqualified moving companies lure customers with lowball estimates, only to spike the cost on moving day. When talking with a potential customer, don’t be afraid to let them know about excess weight fees, charges for moves at difficult-to-access properties, or properties where parking becomes an issue. Customers are always happier when they know what to expect. Being blindsided with hidden fees at the end will only leave customers angry.

  1. Ask for Reviews and Promote Them

Ask your happy customers to leave you a review online. That way, you’ll have lots of wonderful reviews to share with potential customers.  There is nothing wrong with following up with satisfied customers with links to review your company in the days and weeks that follow the move. SmartMoving software is equipped to send auto texts and emails to remind clients to review you. 

  1. Be Responsive and Professional

The moving industry is super competitive, so you need to respond quickly to emails, calls, and voicemails. Leaving customers hanging is a sure way to lose their interest. It might make sense to dedicate a single member of your team to handle all calls, messages, and emails. 

In addition, consider investing in uniforms, branded letterhead, nametags, branded signatures in your emails, and voice answering services that say your company’s name. These seemingly small details can help prove to your customers that they are dealing with a trustworthy, legitimate moving company.

Increase Your Moving Business Profitability

Full-service, customer-centric moving companies should make it clear to potential customers that they are licensed, insured, and qualified. Software that helps you to automate, organize and streamline operations can make it very easy to provide this exceptional service, thereby increasing profitability. Visit to learn more. 

Sarah Ross