7 Handy Resources to Help You Boost Social Engagement with Facebook

Are you aware that Facebook currently has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide?   

With so many people using this platform (and social media in general) these days, it definitely begs the question – how can you as a business owner better interact with and reach your audience more effectively with Facebook?    

Before I get into the 7 Resources that you can use for boosting social engagement, I think it’s best to discuss what  “engagement” really is… in simple terms.    

What is “Engagement?”

I recently read an article over the weekend that stated most small business owners and online marketers hear this term a lot, but have no clue as to what it really means.  

Getting your audience engaged with you via social media means that your audience is taking an action in one way or another to show you that they find value in the information that you are sharing with them.

Some specific examples of engagement include: 

  1. Likes on your posts
  2. Reshare’s of your content
  3. Traffic generation from shared links to your site or landing pages (seen via your Analytics and tracking software)
  4. Brand Mentions
  7. Favorites 

7 Resources to Help You Boost Social Engagement with Facebook 

Here are 7 resources that you can use to get your audience engaged with your company via Facebook. 

  1. 7 Free Ways for Boosting Your Social Media Engagement – Forbes.com
  2. 10 (Almost) Effortless Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement – PostPlanner.com
  3. 3 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement – SocialMediaExaminer.com
  4. Social media content: Secrets to Facebook engagement that actually gets you salesJGodigital.com
  5. Using Hashtags to Drive Performance, Engagement and Sales – SocialMediaToday.com
  6. 26 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook – SocialMediaExaminer.com
  7. 25 Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Sales – JeffBulas.com

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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