Blogging Isn’t Dead: Why Content Marketing Strategies Still Work

The first blogging platform, Open Diary debuted in 1998, and blogging experienced a huge boom in 2005. In fact, it was said that 32 million Americans read blogs. However, as high-speed Internet became more widespread, written content slowly gave way to a more interactive video content experience.

But to assume that blogging is dead is a huge mistake. If used correctly, blogging is a valuable asset to have in your content marketing strategy and is considered a must. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at how and why blogging still remains relevant today despite the skepticism it’s endured the past decade.

You Are Seen as an Industry Expert

When you write content with the aim to solve someone’s headache, you’ve automatically established authority and your audience is bound to stick to your page for as long as your content remains relevant. 

The more clicks you get to your site, the higher Google ranks you, thus increases the chances of you being seen on the first page of a Google search. High-quality content is super important, but it’s not everything. 

It’s vital that you’ve done your keyword research so that search engines can rank you higher for specific topics. You can find plenty of how-to’s on keyword research, and Scribly has even prepared a checklist for this. 

Blogs Can Widen Your Social Media Presence

It’s simple. If people love your content, they would want to share it. Wouldn’t you share a blog post if it can solve a problem you and your friends are facing? 

As more people share your blog, your site gets more visits. Obviously, this will help your rankings on Google. According to a report published by We Are Social and Hootsuite, 3.8 billion people use social media worldwide. 

If you’re not incorporating social media share buttons on your blog posts, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table! 

Building Trust with Customers and Clients

When a customer or client buys into your product or service, they are investing in your brand as well. By consistently pushing out quality content, you’re deepening your relationship with your customer base.

Your customers see your blog as the human side of your brand. If you’re doing it right, you’re engaging your customers in a way that you’re providing value without pushing your products in their faces. 

People just trust blogs. This is the platform for you to address their concerns and are the starting point for them to learn about your brand. If they like your story and trust you, they’ll be willing to see what products or services you have to offer.

People Link Back to You

If you produce high-quality content, other websites and blogs will include your link in their posts. This is called backlinking, or inbound links. This is extremely valuable and some would go as far as calling it the Internet’s currency.

But according to the SEO veterans at backlinks masters, not all backlinks are the same.. If the website that links to you is favored by the search engine or high domain authority, you’re blog or website will climb much higher in the ranks. 97% of companies that consistently blog get backlinks.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.