Black and White Bathrooms – Pros and Cons

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you may also be thinking of changing the color scheme. Bathrooms tend to be white most of the time, but nowadays, people don’t shy away from giving their bathrooms bolder appearances or picking colors that are out of the ordinary. The trends are changing, and we may see more bathroom color combinations in the future.

Because white alone can be a bit plain and boring, many homeowners think about combining it with black. Black and white bathrooms are timeless and elegant and will always be trendy. Still, this color scheme also has its cons.

Black and white bathrooms will awaken different emotions in people. Some will find them spectacular, while others will find them quite depressing and gloomy. They are not for everyone, and that is why you should know more about this style before you implement it.

So, if you are considering this design but don’t know if you should go for it, this article will help you by presenting the pros and cons.

Black and White Bathrooms Pros

  • Modern Look

The main advantage of this bathroom style is the modern look. Combining black and white will make the bathroom fit the current times but also attract many compliments. You can always go with a combination of black and white tile, dark cabinets, and white vanities. No matter what you choose, the bathroom is bound to look splendid in black and white.

“The interior will look modern, and it can be made more vibrant with the help of decorative elements, furniture, accessories,” says the Hackrea team from

  • Easier to Decorate

Another benefit of black and white shades is how easy it is to mix them with various décor elements. You can go different routes. You can either use them individually or combine them, and you will obtain a unique design regardless.

This color combination is a classic one, and if you choose patterned tiles with this color, you can play around with various textures. Not to mention that it will also allow you to bring one more color into the mix, so you add another focal point.

“Black and white is a classic color combination for the bathroom, so choosing patterned tiles in this color palette can allow for the introduction of textures and one other color to add more interest to the bathroom,” says Rebecca Senyard from

  • It Doesn’t Cost Too Much

If you decide to go with black and white patterned tiles for your bathroom floor, the benefit is that it won’t cost too much. You can for more neutral tiles that will not make you break the bank. At the same time, you will obtain the desired look for your bathroom, and all for a small cost.

Black and White Bathrooms Cons

  • Harder to Maintain

Black and white bathrooms may look great, but it is also harder to maintain them. Because of the achromatic shades, the dirt will become visible much faster and easier. For this reason, you will have to clean your furniture and walls very often. This is not ideal if you are looking to save time on your house chores.

  • It’s Hard to Choose the Right Combination

While the color combination itself is great, you can quickly ruin your bathroom if you don’t know how to combine these shades. You will have to balance them, so you don’t make the bathroom look smaller or too cluttered. It requires careful planning.

For example, if your room doesn’t have natural light sources, you can highlight the black accents and make the space look stylish. Glossy black will work great. But if you use black as the background in a small room, the area will be visually reduced, and the bathroom will look much smaller than it is.

It is not an easy design to implement, and you need to think well before you add it to your bathroom.

The Bottom Line

Black and white bathrooms are great for people who want to go with a modern-looking bathroom, but also one that will be trendy for years to come. However, check the pros and cons indicated on before making a decision and see if this style fits you.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.