10 Tips For Better Oral Health In The Workplace

Taking control of employer’s oral health is an important step to take towards Healthy Workplace. At Wahroonga dental, the team of dental care specialists aim at all times to help patients improve their oral health and overall appearance.

Some Recommended Tips Which Helps To Promote Oral Health

  • Know The Perfect Brushing Technique

One of the best ways to improve overall oral health and hygiene is to understand the perfect brushing technique for teeth. Most adults are failing in this regard, although they are armed with the basic information of brushing their teeth twice daily for optimum oral health. To ensure that the teeth remains protected, ensure that the toothbrush is tilted so that it is at 45 degree angle. Doing this will helps to brush closer to the gum line. Also, it is recommended that you always brush in circular motion, instead of the usual back and forth brushing motion.

  • Replace Toothbrush Regularly

It is recommended that you replace toothbrush at least every 3-4 months. You can also choose to replace it sooner if you notice the bristles have begun fraying. For replacement toothbrush, it is recommended that you choose a medium or soft bristle brush as this will work perfectly in reducing buildup of plaque while also removing debris lodged in the teeth without causing damage to the teeth or gum.

  • Floss

Flossing should be done half as regularly you brush. Ideally, it is recommended that you floss at least once a day to avoid buildup of food debris and plaque in between the teeth. Failure to floss regularly to remove the debris in-between the teeth can lead to decay and cavities. If you however find flossing to be too tricky, you can either visit a wahroonga dentist clinic or alternatively, choose an inter-dental brush which can get to the nooks and crannies of mouth.

  • Seek Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning Services

As part of routine dental checkup appointment, it is recommended that you seek regular teeth cleaning services as this can help you further improve the overall health of teeth. Ensure that you keep faithful to dental checkup and cleaning at least twice a year, which is once every 6 months.

  • Choose Suitable Toothpaste

Several toothpaste contains several active ingredients which may affect the sensitivity of teeth. To ensure that you get the best toothpaste which is right for you, speak to oral healthcare specialist for recommendations or check specific toothpastes to see the oral health issues they have been formulated for and make sure you are using the right one for you. There are several toothpaste variants in the market developed to strengthen the teeth, whiten the teeth, reduce plaques, and also to help deal with conditions such as gingivitis and sensitivity.

  • Cut Down On Staining Food And Drinks

The appearance and whiteness of teeth may be grossly affected by the type and quality of food consumed. To ensure that teeth remains white and appealing, it is recommended that you cut down on diets that will play a part on staining teeth such as high sugar content food and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine or other staining food. Also, it is recommended that you increase consumption of natural sources of vitamins and minerals such as vegetables and fruits.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking has been revealed to be one of the major factors affecting oral health as it predisposes smokers to gum diseases and related conditions. In addition, smoking can also increase risks to oral cancer which can be devastating when not detected early enough. Smoking can also cause staining of the teeth as tobacco has been implicated as one of the biggest causes of plaque development in teeth. Cutting down or total quitting of smoking habits can significantly improve chances of heathier teeth and oral health.

  • Pay Attention To The Tongue

A common overlooked area of the mouth when brushing is the tongue. While the teeth guard the teeth and improves the appearance of smiles, the tongue can affect the way the mouth smells. Bacterial buildup on the tongue can contribute to bad breath and so, it is recommended that you pay proper attention to the tongue by brushing it. In addition, bacteria accumulation on the tongue can also be negatively impacting, especially on the health as it can lead to cases such as heart conditions.

  • Load Up On Calcium

The teeth is made up largely of calcium and consuming more of this can significantly improve the health of the teeth. Include calcium rich food in diet and ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables play an important part of diet also.

  • Drink Lots Of Water

Water presents so many health benefits, and is specifically great for oral health as it can balance the pH in the mouth, keeping acid levels low.

Adam Hansen

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