Best US Locations for Careers in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Nearly half of the global market share belongs to the U.S. semiconductor industry. This industry has shown consistent annual growth. With a nearly 50% yearly global market share, the American semiconductor industry has led the world in sales market share since the late 1990s. Additionally, American semiconductor companies continue to lead or be very competitive in the fields of research and development, design, and manufacturing process technology.

The U.S. semiconductor industry can gain from a positive feedback loop of innovation thanks to its sales leadership, which encourages increased R&D spending and helps maintain U.S. sales leadership. The American semiconductor sector will continue to reap the rewards of this positive innovation feedback loop if it continues to dominate the worldwide market share.

Here are the top companies and locations for careers in semiconductor manufacturing:

Intel Corporation:

One of the best computer chip manufacturers is Intel Corporation, which provides platform solutions that integrate various parts and technologies, such as a CPU and chipset, a standalone SoC, or a multichip package. Their headquarters are in California, however, they have facilities in 11 other countries across the globe.

Nvidia Corporation

A technological business called Nvidia Corporation is best known for developing and producing graphics processing units (GPUs) for the video game market. They are located in Santa Clara, California, and have offices in 28 countries.

Texas Instruments Incorporated

Texas Instruments Incorporated is a multinational semiconductor firm that develops, produces, tests, and sells analog and embedded computing chips. They do so for automotive, enterprise systems, personal electronics, and communications industries. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and they have 14 other manufacturing sites around the world.

Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology is a world leader in providing embedded control solutions that are intelligent, networked, and secure for the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defense, communications, and computer sectors. With headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, they also have offices in 28 other countries.

Analog Devices

Almost all forms of electronic equipment employ high-performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing integrated circuits (ICs), and Analog Devices is a global leader in their design, production, and marketing. Their headquarters are in Norwood, Massachusetts. However, they have facilities in more than 30 other countries. 

Micron Technology

Computer memory and data storage products made by Micron Technology include flash memory, USB flash drives, and dynamic random-access memory. Their home is in Boise, Idaho, with 43 offices across 17 other countries. 

Xilinx Inc.

Technology firm Xilinx Inc. specializes in providing programmable logic chips. They are responsible for developing the field-programmable gate array. The semiconductor industry invented the first fabless manufacturing model.  San Jose, CA, is where they are headquartered. In addition, they have 12 locations across 8 other countries.


A leading manufacturer of semiconductors, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) creates technologies for high-performance computing and graphics to address some of the world’s most complex and fascinating problems. Santa Clara, CA, is the location of their headquarters. However, they also have 38 other offices across 23 countries worldwide.

ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor provides a wide range of energy-efficient connection, sensing, analog, power management, logic, discrete, timing, and bespoke devices. They are a market leader in semiconductor solutions. Their headquarters are in Arizona, with 74 other offices in 24 countries around the world.


Qualcomm is a semiconductor business that develops and markets technologies for the wireless sector. San Diego, California, is home and headquarters for Qualcomm. However, they also have 130 offices in 30 other countries. 

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