Best Cross-browser testing tools for your website in 2022

Currently, technology is highly versatile; hence, anything less than cross-platform, cross-console, and cross-browser is less than efficient. So, when it comes to web development, the cross browser is the latest trend where a web application is available across multiple browsers. 

These include Opera, Chrome, Mac OS, Firefox, Android, Windows, Linux, Microsoft Edge, and more. Hence, testing tools across multiple browsers is time taking and expensive. 

Cross-browser testing enables the testing of web-application across various browsers, operating systems, and devices efficiently and inexpensively. 

In addition, it aims to deliver a predictable and seamless user experience while maintaining the efficient functioning of different web apps across platforms and different channels with good portfolios. 

Cross-Browser Testing

In cross-browser testing, testers check if a site works and performs the same across other operating systems and devices across different popular internet browsers. 

This implies there are no unreadable data or layout breaks. The Quality analysts also check for page styles, CSS validations, HTML checks, and data formats.

Cross-browser testing enables consistency across UI, seamless performance, responsive design, curbs unusual functions, and accurate code validation. 

Some leading cross-browser testing tools in the market do the testing for your site to check how it performs across different devices. So, let’s check out the top 5 of them.

Test Grid

TestGrid tops the list, the platform offers the best features to test your website across devices and browsers with both on-premise hosting or cloud hosting. This script-less testing tool delivers test results faster than its competitors. 

TestGrid has a revolutionary AI backing its testing, making it easy for users to operate the tool from scratch seamlessly. What’s more, you can easily integrate TestGrid with any other CI tool. The inbuilt features let the users find bugs and test them as they execute the web apps on CI. You can also integrate error tracking devices and get the results flashed on its dashboard.

TestGrid allows users to automate the testing processes over a safe and stable environment with a scalable selenium network. 

You can test your private hosted apps and local websites to ensure they are in place. When in need, enjoy full support for all the latest devices.

Test Grid offers the following advantages:

  • Better device coverage index
  • Remote access to browsers
  • Support for cloud-based apps
  • Works in a total no-code environment
  • Deliver quicker results
  • Maintains stability of the tests across browsers
  • Automated generation of test cases
  • Detailed analysis report


This is another trusted cross-browser testing tool that lets users test their web apps across real browsers. 

The best part is that you can do the test without downloading or installing them on your systems. Instead, you must write fully automated selenium codes in languages like Python, PHP. .NET, Ruby, and Java against any operating system or browser package. 

Lambdatest is improved with tech to let you test over the latest desktop and mobile browsers hosted on the cloud. You can test for responsiveness and gather full-page screen captures. Lambdatest works fine on OS like Windows, iPad, Android, Mac, and Web-based systems. 

You can even do Real-Time testing for cross-browser compatibility to ensure your site is viable over all browsers. Lambdatest lets you browse a plethora of updated Android and iOS mobile devices from the older to the latest versions of the browsers. 

Advantages of using Lambdatest

  • Smart virtual testing
  • Free trial forever
  • Easy testing on locally hosted sites
  • Automated full-page screenshots
  • Quicker testing
  • Smoother debugging experience


This testing tool has an automated and flexible solution that offers you access to different browsers supported by all leading operating systems. Perfecto also lets users access emulators and simulators as well as real devices. Hence, this allows you to compare the test results parallelly. 

Additionally, Perfecto has automatic asynchronous reporting features, distributed command execution reports, and a well-equipped dashboard. 

The tool comes equipped with a simulation feature to let you explore your app from the standpoint of your users. You can also live test it to find any possible bugs. 

Enjoy a robust testing site with bug detection and filtering out false negatives with Perfecto. Hence, identifying errors and working on them becomes more accessible and faster with the Perfecto testing tool.

Advantages of using Perfecto

  • No need for any external plug-ins
  • Complete AI maintenance
  • Experience detailed report generation 
  • Easier integration with DevOps tools
  • Supports web apps over local hosting
  • Efficiently works with project management platforms

Sauce Labs

This cloud-based testing tool is quickly adaptable. The developers have worked to scale it with algorithms and codes to offer unceasing integration of work processes. 

It has a user-friendly and convenient UI to let you arrange your test suites without hassle. Sauce Labs offers you the total capacity to automate your web app on a cloud-supported device without needing an actual device. Hence, remote testing with Sauce Labs is straightforward. 

Launched in 2008, Sauce Labs has been known to be another good cloud-supported automated testing platform. The team of developers with Sauce Labs has contributed tools and different use test cases for popular frameworks. 

These run tests are arranged in chronological order with information on whether these tests have passed or not, the testing platform, build, and runtime. Other than automated testing, you can also enjoy guided Appium and Selenium training. 

The professional support, onboarding, and services let you use the tool within your organization’s environment.

Advantages of Sauce Labs

  • Offers pixel-by-pixel comparison
  • Advanced functional testing
  • Quick automated testing
  • Live manual testing
  • Quick access to different browser and OS combinations
  • Easily and instantly scalable

Cross Browser testing is necessary to analyze your web app’s functionality and possible bugs across different browser and device frameworks. However, depending on your need, getting the right testing platform is very important. 

Each testing tool has its own pros and cons and hence careful selection is imperative. TestGrid will be your preferred go-to testing platform with no code AI environment offering hassle-free mobile and web app testing if you are unsure which one to go for. 

Edward Nick

Edward Nick is the founder of DisplayBenchmark. He is a PC enthusiast as well as engineer with a keen interest in PC hardware and all stuff related to tech and games.