Best Construction Staffing Resources, Tools, and Tips in 2022

Modern challenges are making construction staffing even more difficult than it has been in the past. However, with technological advances, software, and social media connections, the job can be made much easier and more efficient. Here is a list of some of them:

Software for Managing Resources and Projects

While most construction companies can quickly identify when they need to hire more staff, determining which positions call for the greatest attention isn’t always simple. Professionals can discover skill gaps using the data provided by project and resource management software.

Making Social Media Work for You

Social media sites are crucial for professional networking. Smart construction firms use social media to recruit by:

  • Making recruitment-specific profiles. These give candidates a more professional impression of your company than recruiters reaching out via their personal profiles.
  • Posting frequently with industry-relevant information to draw prospects.
  • Employing custom messages and movies to highlight distinctive company culture.
  • Placing ads on social networking sites that permit it.

Construction-Specific Job Placement Firms

General labor agencies, by definition, lack specialized talent. However, staffing companies focused specifically on the construction industry like Tradesman International can be quite beneficial.

Having a company handle your staffing needs for building projects has many advantages. One benefit is that recruiting is typically done more quickly than if you were to do your own recruitment.  In addition, you stand to gain perhaps a great deal from their recruitment skills. 

Your Own Network

Collaboration is a key component of construction. Therefore, if you have positions open, see if any of your colleagues know of any deserving candidates by asking around.

Additionally, selling platforms like Kijiji and Craigslist have been in use for years by workers to find and apply for opportunities. Therefore,, if you’ve been having trouble locating quality individuals, you may want to give them a try.

You may also want to use an applicant tracking system. These tools are crucial for quickly and efficiently reviewing a big volume of resumes and job applications.

Standard Job Listing Websites

With millions of monthly visitors, websites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed continue to be among the most well-liked online job marketplaces. Nevertheless, be very clear about the qualifications you are looking for in candidates. 


Recruiters in the construction industry frequently struggle to discover candidates who meet all criteria. Employers have a great opportunity to mold potential applicants into top employees through apprenticeship programs. 

If you can establish cooperation, you can frequently anticipate a regular flow of personnel. This is because technical schools are constantly looking for placements.

Programs for Employee Referrals

Your current employees probably have contacts in their networks who might be qualified for open positions. Many businesses offer referral bonuses for recruits made with the help of current staff members.

Here are some pointers for making sure a construction employee recommendation program is of high caliber:

  • Set attainable objectives for the program, such as the potential number of recruits.
  • Establish a consistent procedure for submitting referrals (i.e. a form employees can submit)
  • Make certain that your standardized process reduces the possibility of staff members trying to rig the system. In other words, implement strict evaluations of candidates. You will want to prevent hiring underqualified people who may get hired because they ‘know someone’.
  • Inform your staff about the development of their applicants throughout the hiring process.
  • Give your staff feedback on their applications, so they understand exactly what you’re looking for in applicants.

Emphasize Your Company’s Tech Advancements

Many construction firms have been sluggish in adopting new technology. This is often difficult for younger applicants who grew up in a world dominated by software. Therefore, construction organizations aiming to acquire top talent may set themselves apart from the competition. They can do this by emphasizing the technology and cutting-edge management techniques they employ.

Doing this will demonstrate that your business is more progressive than its rivals. Additionally, you’ll demonstrate to candidates how current building techniques will be taught to them at your business. You can let them know that this will benefit them for the duration of their careers.

Use Subcontractors.

Consider hiring more employment subcontractors if you frequently struggle to locate appropriate candidates for a certain position. Even though the hourly rate may be higher, your payroll costs will often be lower.

After all, the construction industry’s labor cost involves much more than just salary. Therefore, if subcontractors do hiring and training, you may concentrate on other things.

Trevyn Myers

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