Benefits of using internet and tv bundles

We all are accustomed to paying out different bills for internet and television connections. Often the combined bills cross our budget leaving us in financial strain. If you have faced similar problems, you can consider using internet and tv bundles. 

Bundles offer you a clubbing of more than two services or connections at a lesser price. However, you have to select one provider who will give you the service of internet and tv bundles. Also, you can avail any two providers who have a partnership between them, such as DIRECTV and CenturyLink. 

If you use a double bundle, that will include your internet and tv; while, if you use a triple bundle, it will cover your phone, internet and tv. 

You might wonder about the advantage of bundling your internet and tv. After surveying six top providers of internet and tv bundles, It is found that bundling leads to around 14 dollars every month. So, if you plan your monthly budget accordingly, bundling can lead to a good deal of savings as well. 

So, let’s look at some of the merits and demerits of internet and tv bundles- 


  1. You don’t have to select different providers and opt for different plans regarding your home services connection. You can select any provider, and they will give you a laid-out plan for your phone, tv and internet. 
  1. Another most important benefit of bundling is that you don’t have to worry about multiple bills at multiple rates. You get one bill to pay off, and you can plan your budget accordingly. In this way, all the electronic devices get covered in one umbrella. 
  1. Bundling offers you faster speed along with providing you with more channel facilities. Thus, if you bundle your tv and internet, you are open to better facilities and services. 
  1. It also gives you many discounts and offers which you can easily avail to get better services. The offers include waived fees, free installation, bonus features or premium programming. So, all these make your bundling even more lucrative. 

However, you should also know about the disadvantages of bundling. 


  1. Sometimes, a few companies also require some contract that you have to sign. This ensures that you don’t terminate the subscription before the term of the contract ends. If you do so, you are bound to pay the fee of early termination. 
  1. The price increase is also a cause of concern in some cases. In most bundling cases, the price is low when the term begins, which they use for promotion. But, gradually, there occurs a price rise. However, these are not uncommon in the individual service providers as well. 

Customization made easy

Once you have decided to bundle your services, you should remember that proper customization of services will give you the best deal. 

You can try the Xfinity instant bundle where you don’t get all the channels, but you get yourself a skinny bundle whereby you can select your channels of choice. You can also exercise complete control over your service by choosing Verizon Fios Mix and Match service providers. 

Some popular providers who offer to bundle are Suddenlink, Mediacom, Frontier, Spectrum, Optimum etc. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t be in any dilemma. Select any service providers in your locality because many surveys have shown that bundling is more economic than any more singular service providers. So, get your internet and tv bundle and happy streaming! 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.