Benefits of Dot Peen Marking

Dot peen marking also known as pin stamping is an excellent way of adding permanent and unique marks to wood, metal, plastic and paper.

Peen marking uses striker pins to make  marks on your preffred surface, and uses the same model as the old matrix printers. However, unlike the latter method, the dot marking creates precise, low-stress dot pattern.

The benefits of pin stamping are numerous, and if you are a business looking to up your marketing game, these technique marking method will benefit you greatly.

For starters, using a dot pen marker is the perfect way to add your small business logo your products. You can even create a unique logo and add it to the back of wooden crafts or too small parts you make to sell. This is not to mention; you can use the marker to the back of artwork on paper or canvas.

But that is just a tip of the iceberg, let us look at the top benefits of using dot marking.

1) Economical

If you have used alternative marking systems such as punch, roller, electrochemical or bubble jet marking, you probably must have discovered they are a tad expensive to purchase and maintain.

With a dot marker, however, you will enjoy the low cost of acquisition, and reduced maintenance cost as these devices do not require any consumables.

2) Long Lasting

This method is part of the direct marking method and is performed by using either electric or pneumatic pressure to activate the pins, driving them into your desired surface.

This system will provide you with a deep and permanent mark that is intended to last for ages and still be readable after painting.

3) Multipurpose

With capabilities ranging from nameplate requirements to the completely integrated solution, this marking system is not limited to any material and can be used on all kinds of metals, wood, canvas to plastics.

4) Increased Productivity

Leveraging on pneumatic technology, dot marking technology is nearly as twice as much as fast as the alternative marking methods in the market.

Beyond speed, you will be pleased to know that this technology still maintains an equivalent quality to some of the high-end techniques, but it’s more fast and efficient, resulting in increased productivity.

5) Independence

With a dot marking system, you will not need to use additional equipment such as computers to create or control the machine.

The systems are independent, which is an essential property for those looking for a convenient and hassle-free marking experience.


Adopting these industrial marking systems  in your manufacturing process might seem like a daunting task. However, this technology will help to streamline your production and allow you to create a unique mark for your goods.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.