Benefits of dedicated proxies for businesses

Dedicated proxies are private proxies assigned for exclusive use by one user or device at a time. All proxies serve the main purpose of hiding the identity of a user by masking his IP address. They are an intermediary between your server that has a private address and another server accessible on the internet.

Having dedicated proxies as options for management of your company’s activities eases operations, enhances security, boosts market research, and more. This keeps your company ahead of the pack in your industry while ensuring seamless operations. 

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Benefits of dedicated proxies for businesses

Of the available types of proxies, how do you confirm that dedicated proxies hold the answer to your company’s needs? This checklist of pros helps you gauge the relevance of dedicated proxies to your business.

Anonymity on the internet

Internet users seek proxies to hide their identity and location when surfing the web. A proxy assigns your business a new IP address. Whenever you use it, no one can trace the IP back to your company since it is not the company’s genuine IP address.

With a dedicated proxy, you get a unique IP address assigned exclusively to your business.

Speed and saving bandwidth

Since proxies act as an intermediary between the internet and your device, sometimes the linkage causes slow and unstable connections. On a dedicated proxy, you do not share your bandwidth with anyone when you are online.

Furthermore, these proxies have a unique technology that compresses data and does web caching. Web caching happens when a server stores a copy of web pages that have been accessed from your device before.

When another user tries to access the same page, the server displays the page from the cache. It does so after checking with the source website that there have been no recent changes to the page. This ensures a fast connection even during peak hours. That saves time since you don’t have to download all that content again.

Accessing restricted content

Proxies hide the computer information of the device your business uses from the website you visit for data scraping. Some websites do not allow scraping by servers from specific countries. That geo-restriction policy could include total blocking of IP addresses associated with that zone, or limiting downloading of content from such sites.

You need to scrap such sites for market intelligence to boost your digital marketing campaign. Your dedicated proxy offers you an assortment of IP addresses from those countries that geo-restricting websites have not blacklisted.

Such an IP will make it appear as though your company has a location in the permitted country. You can access such websites and get the data your company needs.


Your company possesses sensitive information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers. You also have a database of your company’s performance reports and strategies for future growth.

Proxies help you keep such information out of the reach of cybercriminals and malicious competitors. Some hackers also harvest data from websites for sale. You will fall victim to that if you prescribe to a public proxy where numerous users utilize the proxy simultaneously. That is opposed to a public proxy where no other user comes on the server with you to track your activities on the internet.

Social media management

Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool that your business can exploit in several ways using private proxies. If your company runs social media accounts or offers social media management, you will need proxies to manage numerous accounts on a specific platform.

Many social media platforms do not allow one IP address to control more than one account. If you need to access several accounts on one platform, you will need a dedicated proxies package. This will offer you an assortment of IP addresses that you can rotate to access different accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Buying dedicated proxies

Dedicated proxies control internet use in a company because only one user can browse at a time. Such exclusivity comes at a price. You can order a customized package with an assortment of IP addresses from countries where you have business interests.

Note though that proxies offering IP addresses from developed countries cost more. Scraping using them allows you access to valuable data and resources. A dedicated proxy from a reputable company guarantees the security and integrity of your connections. Some nefarious providers harvest clients’ data and sell it.

Look for reviews by past users of proxy companies on authoritative user platforms and websites. Also, choose among companies that offer a commitment-free trial period of their products. In conclusion, be on the lookout for updates and changes on the dedicated proxies scene to get the best out of proxies for your business.

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