Benefits Of a Planetary Gearbox

If you want to produce torque and reduce speed in an application then a planetary gearbox can be a great choice. It’s a standard gear system used to produce motion. It’s used in many industries due to its many benefits.

In fact, you’ll find a planetary gear set not only in small machines like electric screwdrivers but in huge equipment as well, such as bulldozers.

There are many options when it comes to gearboxes. However, the bottom line is that a planetary gearbox is better than both helical and spur gears when it comes to efficiency, durability, and horsepower.

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Let’s have a look the benefits of a planetary gearbox:

  1. Produces Reduction

Since a planet gear’s teeth mesh with one another and move in a circular motion, they take many turns for each output shaft in the application. In order to produce a notable reduction between a gear and a standard pinion, the gears need to mesh with the small pinion and this is exactly what happens in a planetary gearbox.

In fact, simple planetary gear systems can offer a reduction of 10:1 ratio. Similarly, compound planetary gearboxes are more advanced and meant to be more powerful when it comes to producing reduction.

Another benefit of planetary gearbox is that they can be arranged in a series to further increase the reduction. The rotational component of the first stage is connected to the input of the next, thus increasing the impact and reducing the reduction produced in the process.

  1. Enhanced Torque

Thanks to the arrangement of the gear teeth in a planetary gearbox, the amount of torque produced by this mechanical device is off the charts. The is because the planetary gears mesh with both the ring and sun gear at many spots. As a result, a lot of teeth are engaged in less time.

Moreover, the number of planetary gears determine the load. The more, the better. All the planetary gears distribute the load among each other to maintain balance. Thus, the more amount of planetary gears, the more will be the torque.

  1. Durability

Since planetary gears in the innermost ring distribute load equally among each other, very little amount of wear and tear is inflicted upon the gearbox.

That’s not all, the gears are meant to revolve at a rapid speed which produces a great amount of centrifugal force that supports the burden. This is another reason why this gearbox doesn’t have to deal with a lot of wear and tear even when the load is quite high.

Lastly, adding a lubricant such as grease or oil can help smoothen the components that mesh with one another. This helps keep the gears and teeth in a good condition and enhances the unit’s life.

  1. Less Noise

Planetary gearboxes do not produce a haunting sound which is a common occurrence in the case of a standard pinion and gear set.

Since this gearbox has more gears installed, they’re arranged closely and hence there’s little to no sound. This is a huge benefit as noise can act as a distraction and lead to dire consequences.

In addition to this, planetary gearboxes also follow the ‘cancelling effect’ that causes them to produce less noise. Some planetary gearboxes are designed with a system where planetary gears phase out from each other and produce a cancelling effect.

Hence, planetary gearbox are silent operators and suitable to be used in many industries.

  1. Used In Many Applications

Since this gearbox is capable of providing great load distribution, it is commonly used in objects used to lift and move heavy objects such as lifts, cranes, and heavy machinery. Moreover, planetary gearbox is also found in automobiles.

  1. Higher Stability

Planetary gearbox has a balanced arrangement when it comes to planetary gears. It is much more stable than other types of gearboxes. Thanks to the enhanced stability, this gearbox doesn’t malfunction quickly and neither does it produce inaccurate torque.

Stability is of huge importance when it comes to application of a gearbox. An unstable gearbox can cause energy to not get distributed properly, resulting in mishaps.

The Conclusion

Planetary gearboxes are widely used around the globe in many applications and industries. They’re durable and have several advantages. Consider opting for these gearboxes if you’re in need.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.