Your Business’ Entrance

As a business owner, you have a lot to think about. You’re busy focusing on the things that make your business great, bringing the talent and the passion that you have for your chosen work to bear on the daily tasks that face your business. Even as you juggle those tasks, you must also handle the day-to-day responsibilities that come with running any type of business, including the payroll and tax work, the insurance and legal concerns, and, of course, your business space.

It can be tough to make time to consider things about your business’ physical space. But make no mistake: the space that your business actually occupies matters. The experience that customers, clients, and employees have in relation to your business is profoundly affected by the spaces that play host to that experience. And the space begins to matter from the moment that a customer, client, or employee turns to face your business’ front door.

Open the door to a more successful business

You might not have spend much time thinking about the door on the front of your business space. But if you spare a thought to that humble door, you’ll soon see how much it matters.

A front door is the first impression that a customer has of a storefront and the first thing an employee sees when they arrive at a commercial space. Combined with signage, walls, and windows, it communicates something to your customers and employees about how your business is run and what it is there for. We already know that office spaces affect productivity and retail spaces influence consumer spending habits, so why wouldn’t those things start at the beginning, at that moment that a customer or employee reaches the front door?

Your metal security doors are also your line of defense against the outside world. Rough weather, break-ins, and other dangers can affect your business space when you are open for business or closed for the evening. Having a sturdy and reliable door—along with other defenses, such as a reliable security system that works with your door of choice—is vital.

Different doors, different purposes

Think a bit more on doors, and start to consider the different types of doors that you’ve seen on different businesses.

There are a lot of different types of commercial doors. Commercial doors can be made of wood, steel, glass, and other materials. They can open in, out, or both, or maybe they slide. There are single doors and double doors, extra-tall and extra-wide doors, and all sorts of other options.

These different types of doors work with different types of businesses. Automatic sliding doors are convenient for customers and encourage people to move in and out freely. Solid doors are great for darkening the interior spaces of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Glass doors let customers get a peek inside of your business space before they even step foot in the interior. Combined with windows and window displays, they can show off wares or a pleasant interior space to customers and clients who may be window shopping. That’s curb appeal that can translate into real profits! And when customers are inside, they’ll enjoy a space lit by natural light that comes in freely through the windows and glass door.

This list is not at all exhaustive, of course. There are wide doors and even garage-style doors at home improvement stores that make it easy for customers to carry large purchases out. There are decorative wood doors on business spaces that are also elegant older properties—perfect for a bed and breakfast or antique shop. There are tough metal doors for commercial spaces that border on the industrial, and doors that cut down on noise coming from inside or outside of the business. Industrial doors are typically installed for sheds, garages, shipping containers, or modular transport buildings. 

Choosing your own door

Clearly, different businesses demand different storefront doors, so how can you choose one?

You should think about what sort of business you run. What do customers expect and demand of your space? What sort of door would suit their needs?

Quality matters. When you shop for commercial glass storefront doors, you need to remember more than just the ways in which those doors can be inviting and beneficial. You need to think about what can go wrong, too: shattered glass, break-in attempts, and accidents. You need tough glass, safe glass, and quality workmanship.

Your best bet for a great door is to reach out to experts in commercial doors. Talk about your options and bring your ideas, and trust the pros to connect you with the best possible door for your needs.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.