Are Commercial Door Mats Washable?

Choosing the right commercial entrance matting to buy is the first step in making your building cleaner, safer flooring – but it’s only half the work to do! Dirty matting is inefficient matting, no matter how good the quality.

But luckily, keeping your commercial door mats clean and working its best isn’t difficult! The cleaner you keep matting your entrance, the longer it will last and the more efficient it will be to keep your interior spaces fresh and clean.

Tips to keep your commercial door mats clean:

Good Vacuuming:

Start with the easiest of all maintenance: a good vacuum! Quality entrance matting is designed to hide and hold dirt, so you’d be shocked how dirty an entrance mat that looks clean can actually be! Daily vacuuming is the best way to guarantee that your entrance mats well and increases the life span by a substantial sum.

The intensity of vacuuming is determined by how much visitors the mat sees daily, a primary entrance to a shopping mall or office building should be vacuumed. In contrast, a secondary or tertiary entrance may only require it once or twice a week.

Hot water extraction:

Deep cleaning should be done fortnightly or monthly via hot water extraction, depending on the volume of traffic; spot cleaning for stains and gum should be done as soon as possible to avoid lasting damage.

Once you have your matting clean, it’s time to work on the underside! Many maintenance staff forgets that cleaning too is needed on the underside of the entrance matting.

Washing Machine:

There are two options for those Mats that are washable. Firstly, machine washing in a domestic or commercial washing machine and secondly, hose and dry washing, the latter being the most economical, most straightforward, and the fastest available not to mention.

To figure out if your entrance matting is washable, we suggest double-checking with the manufacturer of your mat or referring to the cleaning notes, testing whether the material is washable and the product weight.

Once again, for commercial and industrial locations, if you choose the washing machine option with product sizes generally larger than domestic, we would suggest a commercial laundry or dry cleaner. Still, again, the simplest solution is for cleaners/maintenance to simply hose and dry, which can generally be done in one day, and the mats were working for you instantly back down. This is also a genuinely efficient strategy of cleaning rubber mats used in kitchens and bars as well as outdoor rubber entrance mats that are more often placed outside.

Using Water and Soap

After a prolonged period, you can try washing your commercial floor-mats with soap and water. That means that after some time, you should remove all of your commercial floor mats for a thorough cleaning, perhaps after every week or fortnight. Cleaning soap and water to the commercial floor mats should clear any dirt and contaminants from the floors. During the rainy season, you can clean your commercial floor mats more frequently with soap and water.

Using a Neutral Cleaner to Eliminate Stains

During vacuuming or hosing, you may notice certain stains on your commercial floor mats. Some of these stains can be somewhat stubborn and can even resist soap and water. You should use a neutral cleaner to wipe off any sticky oils, but won’t discolor or wash the colors on your floor mats.

Dry the mat thoroughly.

Following cleaning, you should always spread the mat flat to dry. Never fold the floor mat but instead lay it flat to dry after cleaning. Make sure the commercial floor mat is completely dry before you reinstall it.

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