Against All Odds: New Book by Calvin and Leanne Davidson

Calvin and Leanne Davidson came from quite different ethnic backgrounds. In addition, they each had a tough childhood. Calvin and Leanne Davidson both worked hard to be where they are now. During the lockdown, they established the company that would later become known as Bounty Competitions. Since then, they have run thousands of competitions and given away prizes ranging from teapots to mansions. They have also gone through significant changes in their personal lives


In their uplifting book Against All Odds: This Book Might Change Your Life, the Davidsons tell how they overcame many obstacles and built two successful businesses. Anyone who picks up Against All Odds and reads the author’s story will find something worthwhile. In addition to serving as a practical guide for starting and running a business, the book will also be a source of encouragement. It will help the reader believe that they can triumph over whatever challenges they face in their own lives.

What It’s All For

The authors hope this book will serve as a record of their experiences and illustrate how they arrived where they are. They have written everything down, describing how their company came to be, and have honestly shared the significance of this endeavor. 

Yet, they also wish to delve further, sharing with you some details of their life prior to and following their meeting. By this, they hope to demonstrate that you should never limit yourself based on your origins. In other words, they remind people that it’s possible to succeed despite your background if you have the right skills and mindset.

Additionally, the Davidsons hope you find this book both educational and motivating. They talk about how they got where they are and the hardships they’ve seen along the way. Further, they share some of the most important issues they’ve encountered, how they met, how they got married, how they became parents, and how they balance everything with their careers. They promise to be totally sincere and open with you. They’re truly glad to have you along and hope you have fun!

Prizes and More

Although money can’t necessarily buy happiness, it may make many improvements in people’s lives. However, if you win one of their prizes, you obviously have something to be happy about. The prizes can be something useful and enjoyable, like a vacation or a dream car, or they can be monetary, opening up a world of possibilities the recipient never knew existed. This might mean giving money to a set of parents who are having trouble making ends meet, helping someone save up for a down payment on their first home or apartment, allowing someone to go on their dream vacation, or giving someone the chance to simply feel relieved that they have some money set aside in case of emergency.

Calvin and Leanne have created a business out of a desire to serve and a need for work. Their book teaches others how to succeed in just about anything. They teach that you need to put in the time and effort required to study as much as possible about the industry you are going into. In addition, they tell how they learned to master marketing techniques. They also talk candidly about how to build a sense of self-assurance and mentally prepare yourself for a time when others will try to imitate or criticize your success. 

Getting You Started

In order to get started, they recommend trying a variety of things until you find something you’re good at. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that it’s not going to happen overnight. In other words, you have to be okay with the fact that for every brilliant idea and smashing success, you’ll also have a few duds. And that’s OK. Trial and error are where some of the best ideas come from.

Calvin and Leanne care deeply about their work, their clients, and their reputation. They are a living example of how to start and run a thriving business from the ground up, with little or no advantages in your corner. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.