A Look at the Smartphone Repair Economy

Every year, Apple releases a new iPhone in the fall and this year is no different with the new iPhone 13 making its way to the population in the last month. New features and designs have made it increasingly popular to trade-in or outright buy the newest phone but is it really worth it? This year Americans are expected to drop $59 billion on new phones and while that number may seem like a lot the lifecycle of a phone has actually been increasing over the past several years. 

New features aren’t tempting Americans to upgrade their phones as much anymore. The high prices of each new phone going up is also deterring people from spending money on a new phone as frequently. And the 2-year contract system of upgrading smartphones is also not as popular with more consumers buying their phone outright instead of having a monthly cost. 
Whether you are planning on keeping your phone longer, trading it in, or selling it, keeping your phone in its best condition is a smart move to make. Using a case and adding a screen protector can go a long way in extending the life or value of your phone. What will you be doing with your phone?

A Look at the Phone Repair Economy
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.