A Guide To Purchasing A Car Online – Tips You Need To Know

Unsure how to go about purchasing a car online? You’re not alone, as it can be a quite confusing experience if you’re used to buying from the showrooms. Increasingly, people are choosing to get a car online due to many reasons, the major ones being health & safety and convenience. With that said, we’ll give you tips on how to pick the right car and explain the process of getting a vehicle online.

Can you buy a car completely online?

Yes, you can buy it via manufacturers own websites or dealerships that are increasingly offering online shopping with click & collect and delivery services.

For example, at Stoneacre, which is a UK-based motor group, the process involves reserving a car and then selecting either the delivery or a collection option. 

Additionally, you can book a test drive and calculate monthly auto finance costs before committing to buying a vehicle online to make it easier to pick the right car. 

Your rights when buying a car online

In the UK, Consumer Contracts Regulations state that there is a 14-day window period when you can decide whether to keep or return a product if paying 100% of the price online.

However, as with everything, there are T&Cs, and the car is covered under the Fair Use, which means there’s a mileage limit, and if the vehicle is in a deteriorated condition, you may not be able to return it or will face charges.

Now that we have the online buying process covered, let’s head over to the tips and how to pick the best car for you.


When it comes to choosing a car, the myriad of options can be overwhelming. That’s why extensive research can help narrow down your search. Determine what’s is a must-have in a car – perhaps you’re after the latest and tech-packed model, or maybe frivolities don’t matter as much, and you’d rather go after a reliable second-hand car.

Also, don’t forget to check the reviews & read about others’ experience with the dealership to see if they’re trustworthy.

Compare your options

One of the advantages of buying online is that you can compare multiple finance offers and cars without stepping a foot inside a dealership. Always shop around and don’t settle for one provider right away, that way you’ll find the best deal. 


Check for things such as equipment levels, trim selection and pricing after you’ve decided what type of car you want to go for. It could be that you only need to pay a little bit extra and can get all the features which can be more cost-effective than buying them separately as add-ons. 

Closely inspect the photos as well to check for any damage, and always go for a test drive, even if purchasing a vehicle online. In real life, you may see the defects you couldn’t otherwise see, so it’s always a good idea to take your potential car for a spin. 

Have you bought a car online, and if so, what was your experience like? Share it with us in the comments below!

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