A Concise Buying Guide for Bottle Sticker Labeling Machines

Labeling is one of the most important aspects of starting a food business that deals with bottled drinks and fluid. Labeling your product helps with identification and, when properly done, improves your branding. 

There are likely a lot of similar products in the market, and having an interesting and unique label on your bottled products helps differentiate you from the others.

To do this, you need a sticker labeling machine that helps to ensure you can accurately and quickly apply stickers to your product. They also save costs because you can label many bottles at once using the machine without the need to outsource.

They also help you produce the same quality of labels to give your customers the same standard of quality consistently. 

6 Features of a Sticker Labeling Machine to Consider When Buying One

Looking to buy a sticker labeling machine? Here’s a guide to show you the features to look out for.

Automatic or Manual Labeling Machine

The first thing to note when buying a sticker labeling machine is that there are two different types. One applies the stickers onto the bottle manually, while the other applies it automatically. 

Depending on the scale of your business and what you need a sticker labeling machine for, you can choose either of these machines. An automatic sticker labeling machine may take time to set up and calibrate. But once that’s out of the way, it saves the cost of labor and reduces production costs. 

Also, it reduces the chances of human error that may come with manual sticker labeling machines. However, the manual counterparts are less difficult to set up and calibrate. However, this allows for inconsistency in production since the calibration is not automatically set. 

User-Friendly Controls

Usually, sticker labeling machines are complex industrial machines that may look difficult to operate to a regular person. However, they don’t have to be difficult. 

A labeling machine that is easy to operate, safe, and convenient to use with user-friendly controls is one of the important qualities to look out for. They should be easy-to-use so that any staff member can easily work with them so that there’s no delay in production. 

Quality Components

Before purchasing a sticker labeling machine, it’s necessary to ensure the device is built with quality components for durability and cost-effectiveness. If you buy a machine that’s not quality, you could waste a lot of money on repairs or have to replace parts more frequently than intended.

Poor quality sticker labeling machines will also affect the efficient performance and production of the stickers and application on the bottles. 

Look out for a rugged and durably built machine when buying. 

Energy Saving Features

Producing a lot of stickers for bottles can take quite a while and consumes energy. That’s why energy-saving should be on your list of features when checking out sticker labeling machines to buy. 

Going for a machine with such features helps you cut down on the amount of energy used, which in turn cuts down on the cost of production. In the end, you can sell your products to customers at a price that’s favorable to them and also profitable enough for you. 

Machine Stop System

This is important if you’re using an automatic sticker labeling machine. Sometimes, the machine can continue to function even when it has run out of label roll or the label roll is missing. 

This consumes energy and wastes resources because the machine is in use but is not getting the job done (attaching labels to the bottles.) Look out for a machine with an alarm feature that alerts you when there is improper functioning in machine operations. 

Machine Specifications

There are various bottle shapes on the market, and most businesses are often looking to get a unique shape or feel that is attractive to the consumer. While this is great, some bottle shapes and textures limit the type of sticker labeling machine they could work with. 

Some sticker labeling machines can only work on convex, flat, textured, or oval types of bottles. So, before buying a labeling machine, you must know if it accommodates all types of bottles or some. 

Preferably, go for a machine that can work with all types of shapes and bottle textures if you need to add variety to your products in the future. 


Labeling is an essential component of branding; that’s why choosing the appropriate labeling machines goes a long way to help your production. When you’re ready to choose a sticker labeling machine for your food business, use the features discussed in this article to help you go for the best choice.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.