8 Tips for Pest Control in Your Storage Unit

You’ve invested in a storage unit as a safe place to keep your belongings, but what about pests? Mice, rats, cockroaches, and other critters can easily find their way into your storage unit and make a mess of things. Fortunately, no need to panic – there are plenty of ways to keep pests out. Here are 8 tips for pest control in your storage unit:

  1. Choose a unit in a facility that has pest control: This is perhaps the most important step you can take to prevent pests in your storage unit. When choosing a self-storage facility, be sure to ask about their pest control measures. A good facility will have regular pest control treatments and will be proactive in keeping pests out.
  1. Choose your containers wisely: When packing up your belongings for storage, be sure to use sturdy, sealable containers. Cardboard boxes may seem like a good option, but they’re actually an invitation for pests. Mice and rats can easily chew through cardboard, and once they’re in, they can have a feast on your stored belongings. Hard plastic or metal containers are your best bet.
  1. Avoid storing food: One of the main reasons pests invade storage units is for the food. If you must store food in your unit (for example, non-perishable items for a camping trip), be sure to keep it in sealed containers. And don’t forget to check the expiration dates before you pack – you don’t want to come back to a unit full of rotten food.
  1. Keep your unit clean: A clean storage unit is a pest-free storage unit. Be sure to sweep and vacuum regularly, and if possible, mop the floor as well. If you see any signs of pests (droppings, nests, etc.), be sure to clean them up immediately.
  1. Inspect your belongings before storing: Before you pack up your belongings for storage, take a few minutes to inspect them for pests. If you see any signs of an infestation – such as droppings or damage from chewing – do not store those items in your unit.
  1. Wrap your upholstered items: Mice and other pests love to nest in soft, plush items like upholstered furniture and blankets. To prevent this, be sure to wrap these items in plastic or another sealable material before storing them.
  1. Hang up your clothes: Moths and other insects are attracted to clothing, so it’s important to keep them out of reach. If possible, hang up your clothes instead of storing them in boxes. And be sure to clean them before you put them away – insects are attracted to dirty laundry.
  1. Visit your unit often: The best way to prevent pests in your storage unit is to visit it regularly. This will allow you to catch any signs of an infestation early and take care of it before it gets out of hand.

By following these eight tips, you can rest assured that your storage unit will be free of pests. And if you do happen to find a pesky critter in your unit, be sure to contact a professional for help. Pest control companies have the experience and knowledge to safely and effectively get rid of pests so you can focus on enjoying your stored belongings.

Chris Turn

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