8 Instagram Hacks to Quickly Reach More People

Instagram is reducing the number of people who can see your posts. This can seem very worrisome. But fear not as there are several hacks you can use to reach more people and still get the same amounts of engagement you did in the past. Here they are…

Use a lot of hashtags:

People follow hashtags on Instagram, also hashtags tell the Instagram algorithm about the contents of the posts. Using hashtags will help you reach more people. So, use a lot of hashtags that you can find by using hashtag generator tools. Several studies have found that 11+ hashtags are the ideal number. But make sure the hashtags you use are highly relevant to the topic. And make sure you use a combination. There should be 3 types of hashtags in every post. These are high, medium, and low competition hashtags. 

You can use equal parts of each or more of one type depending on the number of followers you have. If you have fewer followers, you should use more low competition hashtags while if you have more followers you can use high competition hashtags. 

Tag others:

Another way to ensure you reach more people is by tagging accounts with a high following in your niche. There are several accounts out there that grow their accounts by publishing posts created by others. These accounts publish several times a day. So, try to get their attention by tagging their accounts in the post. If they like your post, they will share it on their Instagram account. This will help your content reach more people. And if they tag your account, you might get more followers. 

Team up with influencers:

Another way to get popular accounts to promote you is by directly reaching out to them via DMs or email and asking them to share your content. Many of these accounts will offer Instagram shoutouts for free, while some will charge. If they have big followings, then paying them will be worth it, otherwise, you can stick to the ones that do it for free. 

Create videos:

Instagram’s algorithm gives preference to videos. Therefore, try and create more video content. It can take more time, but it’s definitely worth it. The videos don’t have to be very long either. For the best results, you can create videos that are under 30 seconds. You could also create Instagram stories. These need to be just 15 seconds long. 

Join engagement groups:

Another way to reach more people is through engagement groups. These are communities where Instagram’s users like each other’s posts. They publish around the same time and like each other’s content and comment on them. This sudden influx of likes as soon as they publish helps them surface in hashtag feeds and on the explore page which results in even more engagement. So, try and find some quality engagement groups on sites like Telegram. 

Use ads:

Another paid tactic for reaching more people is ads. You don’t have to use ads for every post you publish, you can just do this for the posts that do well. This way you are only amplifying what is already working instead of wasting your money. 

Interact with strangers:

Whenever you have some time, just visit the explore page and like and comment on posts of strangers. These people will see your likes in their updates and will come and check out your content. And if they like what they see they will follow you, like your posts, and even comment on them. For best results, only interact with people in your niche and leave meaningful comments. 

There are some bots that can help you with this, but I recommend that you stay away from automation as Instagram doesn’t like it and will penalize you. 

Create shoppable posts:

Another great tactic for generating sales is shoppable posts. Instagram doesn’t let you include links in your posts. One way to beat this is with shoppable posts. They will help you generate more sales as people can locate the product directly from your post. There’s no need to click the link in bio. 

So, whenever you are promoting products in a post link to them directly in the photo or video. 


These are the Instagram hacks that will help you reach more people. Begin implementing them today.

Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a creative writer. She has recently launched her Studydemic educational website and is currently working as a freelance writer and editor.