7 Underappreciated Traits and Skills Needed in Salespeople

The traits that seem to be labeled as “natural” salespeople are not necessarily the ones you should look for. These skills can often, but not always come naturally and must instead be taught diligently by trainers who know what they’re doing if we want our prospective generation of employees or clients to succeed in this competitive environment where everyone is trying their hardest just like us.

The world of sales is a competitive one. In order to be successful, you need more than just “salesy” skills; there’s also an understanding and appreciation for people which can’t always come naturally in the field. However, these traits are important not only because they help close deals but also drive success off-field by building connections with clients who will last beyond business hours or even days after we’ve parted ways.

Positive Attitude

Those who are liked by people are more likely to make purchases. It’s hard to teach being likable, but there are many other things you can teach. They start and end on a positive note, no matter what the outcome of a particular deal may be. If they’re in a one-on-one conversation, their energy and attitude will light up the room.


There are many people who think that a sales recruiter is only an arrogant person with no customer service skills, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Customers come in expecting to get steamrolled and when they do not receive any kind of response like what has been expected it makes them feel unimportant which then turns into anger or frustration at best; feelings most likely never experienced before by these folks.


I know first-hand how important it is to be likable. When I was younger, my mom used to say that if you want people’s approval then earn it! And she would always tell me “You can’t charm them with something they didn’t give freely.” Now as an adult living on my own for over three decades now; her words ring true every time someone else disappoints or irritates me – because at least in this case (and many more), there will never truly BE closure until we forgive and forget.

I’ve learned early not only does good salesmanship start from within but also outer appearances matter too.

Good Listener

One of the most important skills for any good salesperson is listening. They must be able to hear what you’re saying and then position solutions that will address your needs as best they can without barking out orders like some kind of infomercial guru (not judging).

Listening and understanding are essential skills for a good salesperson. You must then make the person feel like your company understands their concerns, so you can position solutions to meet their needs.


Numbers are important in the game of sales. Numbers show you where your strengths lie and what behaviors will lead to better outcomes, so knowing these numbers is essential for any professional looking to make it big on Wall Street or elsewhere

Sales isn’t as easy as it may seem; there’s a lot going into each decision-making process from which customer action can stem (arbitrary product choice) . It takes an expert eye with knowledge not only about their own company but also trends across industries when deciding how best to approach prospective clients.

Heron Nelson

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