7 Tips to Use Microsoft Teams Better

Microsoft’s chat platform, Microsoft Teams, has taken the business world by storm. The tool is already being used by over 500,000  companies and organizations around the globe. The cloud-based app helps teams collaborate and communicate even better than before.

Here Are 7 Tips That Will Make Using Microsoft Teams an Even More Effective Tool

  1. Increase the Visibility of Your Meetings & Conversations

Microsoft Teams provides a unified chat and meeting experience. Suppose your team is utilizing Microsoft Teams for meetings and conversations. In that case, you can increase the visibility of these items by customizing the color of the tile so that it stands out from other tiles on your teams page. You can also pin recent announcements or upcoming events to your teams homepage so that they remain top-of-mind. 

  1. Connect Your Personal Accounts to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to easily connect your personal accounts like Twitter and Facebook as well as other apps such as Trello, YouTube, and others to the teams tab on the left side of your screen. Doing this enhances the overall experience by bringing all of your notifications into a single place that can be accessed from any device.

  1. Hide Unused Tabs to Decrease Clutter

There are many Microsoft Teams tabs that you don’t need on an everyday basis, like clubs, files, and others. Hiding these tabs will decrease the clutter on your teams page and help give you a clean, distraction-free workspace. Hiding tabs is easy to do by right-clicking on the tab and choosing “Hide this tab.”

  1. Use Apps to Make Microsoft Teams Even Better

Microsoft Teams is about more than just having a chat room. You can also use apps for things like OneNote, Planner, Power BI, and more to take your teams experience to the next level. So whether you’re building a shared Planner task list or creating an interactive report in Power BI, apps can maximize your collaboration strategy.

  1. Share Your Screen with Microsoft Teams

One of the benefits of working at a company that utilizes Office 365 is the ability to share your screen directly from Teams. You can also include other individuals in the screen sharing session and choose audio or video together, as well as decide if you want multiple people on the call or just yourself.

  1. Rotate Leadership with Shared Access

Shared access means that more than one person has the ability to manage the team. This can be helpful when rotating leadership or allowing someone to step away from ownership for a short period of time. Shared access allows you to have different owners but still maintain continuity in your work without having to worry about dropping the ball on important initiatives.

  1. Use Microsoft Teams for Application Training & Troubleshooting

Microsoft Teams is not just for chat and meetings. You can also use it to host training sessions, classroom lessons, or online webinars that include a live audience and even a quiz afterward that allows you to monitor the users’ progress. Microsoft Teams is also a more effective tool for troubleshooting issues because of its contemporary user interface, which makes it easier for users to ask questions and get help. 

Chris Turn

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