7 Tips for Planning a Killer Holiday Party for Your Employees

Finding valuable employees is almost as hard as running a business. So, nothing shows more appreciation than throwing your staff an unforgettable party for the holidays. Here are seven tips to help you get the ultimate party for your employees started.

1- Location, Location

Your employees see the work building every day. So, show them that they are special and rent an event hall. Taking the time to have a different place decorated says that you are pulling out all the stops. It also means the staff are more likely to want to come to the party. Since it is outside of the day-to-day building, they won’t view it as just another work task. For a more comforting environment, open your home for the party to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

2- Say No to Religious Themes

One way to have a killer holiday party for your employees is to make sure everyone attending feels comfortable. Avoid decorations and food that may be considered traditional or overly religious. You want everyone to feel like it’s okay to have a good time. Skip words like Christmas and Halloween; use “fall” or “winter” instead. Make it simpler by calling it a seasonal party or event.

3- Have a Wide Variety of Food and Drinks

If you run a large company, it can be hard to keep track of food allergies and diet restrictions. Make things easier by having sections of food for vegans, guests with nut allergies, and other restrictions. Also, there are some that consume alcohol and some that don’t so have both on hand. It can be more helpful to have each section labeled so everyone can find their desired food or drink without confusion.

4- Keep It Simple and Elegant

The dress code is one of those things employees attending will want to know. Choose between casual, formal, or Semi-formal. Pair that with two colors the guest can wear to keep things fun and easy. For an added touch, have the dining area decorated in the same colors, The plates, table linens, and chairs can all be a part of the color scheme.

5- Music is a Must

A great way to fill the room with holiday cheer is with music. Hire a DJ that does not mind mixing up the genres. Some R&B, jazz, and classical are just a few types of music that can get a party going. If you really want to spoil your employees, hire a live singer to sing some of their favorite holiday tunes.

6- Give Personalized Gifts

Not only is giving gifts nice but personalizing them shows the boss is paying attention to detail. A wonderful idea is making goody bags to take home. Fill them with a card and a few sweet treats, then have each employee’s name or initial placed on the bags. This will definitely take your appreciation for them a step further.

7- End with Positivity

Take the time to see your guest out at the end of the party. Especially for those employees who may have had too much to drink. Offer them a ride share to ensure they get home safely; they will thank you for it. You could also send them a “Thank you” card or email after the party.

Brett Sartorial

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