7 Strong Password Generators to Use for Online Security

It is a well-known fact that cyber security scams continue to plague small businesses. As a matter of fact, according to an article published on Intuit’s mall Business Blog, “a recent report shows nearly 20 percent of cyber-attacks are on small firms with less than 250 employees”.

Simply stated, small businesses are not doing a good job of protecting their data on and offline. One of the most common issues reported year after year is that users do not use strong passwords to secure their accounts. An easy way to create strong passwords to secure your accounts is to use a password generator.

What are Password Generators?

Password generators are tools that you can use to create secure and “hard to guess” passwords for your accounts.

Today, I am sharing 7 strong  password generators that you can use to secure your personal and small business accounts.

1. Secure Password Generator
2. Norton Identity Safe Password Generator
3. Strong Password Generator
4. MSD Services Automated Password Generator Online
5. New Password Generator
6. Safepasswd
7. Password Bird

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Annika Bansal

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