7 Non-Negotiable IT Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofits rely on technology to fulfill their missions, but often have limited resources. As a result, it’s essential to identify which IT services are non-negotiable.

1. Email and calendaring:

These days, most organizations rely on email as their primary means of communication. For non-profits, it’s essential to have a reliable email system that can handle a high volume of messages and keep them organized.

Additionally, a good calendaring system can help staff stay on top of important deadlines and events.

2. Data storage and backup:

Non-profits often have a lot of important data that needs to be stored securely. This data may include donor information, financial records, and confidential client files.

It’s crucial to have a robust storage and backup solution in place to ensure that this data is always accessible and safe.

3. Website and social media:

A website is often the first point of contact between a non-profit and the public. It’s important to have a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and provides information about the organization’s mission, programs, and ways to get involved.

Many nonprofits use social media to reach out to their constituents and promote their work.

4. Accounting and financial management:

Nonprofits need to be able to track their income and expenses, as well as manage donations and grants. A good accounting system can help staff stay on top of the organization’s finances and make sure that all money is being used in the most effective way.

5. Donor management:

Nonprofits rely on donations to support their work. A good donor management system can help organizations keep track of their donors, collect donations, and generate thank-you letters and tax receipts.

6. Client management:

Many nonprofits work with clients or customers who need assistance with specific issues. A good client management system can help staff keep track of their clients’ needs and ensure that they are getting the best possible service.

7. Volunteer management:

Volunteers are a vital part of many non-profits. A good volunteer management system can help organizations recruit, train, and manage volunteers.

A Good management system can also help staff track the hours that volunteers work and ensure that they are being used in the most effective way.

Chris Turn