7 Most Profitable Startup Businesses to Invest in for 2020

Today, many people are starting their own firms and making money. However, not many of them know what type of company to invest in. With so many industries to choose from, you have to decide which niche is most suitable for you before jumping in and spending your money. Choose the right startups to invest in this year and reap rewards. 

Graphic designing company

Over the years, graphic designing demands have grown and today, many online users are employing graphic artists to promote their brand. The opportunities you will have at your fingertips are immense. Start your small startup graphic artist business by pitching online websites and off site companies. Let the owners know that you are a skilled graphic artist that can design marketing collaterals, inclusive of posters, banners, logos and the designing of landing pages. Spread the word around to friends and family members by telling them about your skill-set as a graphic designer. You can also post your profile on websites such as Upwork, Flexjobs, and Freelancer as well as others. A graphic designing company is one of the most profitable startup businesses to invest in for 2020.

Website development

Today, millions of internet users are coming online and making purchases. To cater for this awesome demand, quality website developers are needed. As a web developer, you possess a valuable skill that web owners are looking for. Part of your responsibility will be launching and upgrading websites. To start out in this lucrative business, you should do so by developing websites for those people whom you know such as your family members and friends. You can either work for them for free or charge them a small cost at first just to get your feet wet. Later you can take your website development business a step further by writing codes at affordable prices for new business owners. So kick-start your designing skills in 2020 by learning javascript, CSS, HTML and Java. 

Affiliate marketing 

Over the years, affiliate marketing has taken the internet by storm. Start your affiliate business by seeking out proper products to market. Some places where you can find products to market online are ClickBank, ShareASale, Awin, Slimlinks and Rakuten. If you should start an affiliate business, you can be earning passive income at a cost effective rate. What’s more, working from outside the US can help you earn even more money based on the exchanging currency rate of the country where you are located. In addition, your working hours will be flexible, which leaves you more time to focus your attention on developing strategic campaigns that will boost your income potential. By marketing someone else’s product online, you stand a good chance of earning a great income in this year 2020.  

Social media manager

Social media platforms have millions of users interacting with them regularly. These platforms make it possible for you to get the word out about products and services you are selling. By becoming a social media manager and posting clients’ products and services online regularly, you are helping users to sell their items. Users will pay money to you monthly or annually to grow their social media presence and promote their brand. The sky’s the limit once you start a social media marketing business and you will be helping plenty of people earn a living from the products they are selling. 


Photography is getting bigger every year and you too can start making money from this niche as well. Today, people employ photographers for various projects such as wedding, school and sports. You can also specialize in taking great pictures for different magazine niches such as relationships, family, pets and many more. Start your photo career by setting up your business profile online. Additionally, you can target potential customers on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as others. 

Freelance content writing

A freelance content writing business can fetch you plenty of money if you write for the right customers. Many customers’, especially digital marketers are looking for good content writers that can write about their products and services to reach their targeted audience. You can craft various articles such as blog posts and email newsletters. You can write in a single niche or many niches, depending on how knowledgeable you are about the subject or what your preferred industry is. You can earn from any location in the world, as long as you have a good computer and powerful internet service working with. Become a freelance content writer in 2020 and boost your earning potential. 

Content marketing

Businesses that frequent the internet are always looking for ways to boost their content and draw attention to their website or products. If you are great at providing content marketing approaches, then this job career is suitable for you. As a savvy content marketer, you can build an expert portfolio and attract some high paying clients that will pay you handsomely for pushing their quality materials that are useful to people online. Start by seeking businesses online that are looking for professional content marketers to build their brand. 

Set your goal and start your firm today so that your earning potential can increase. The type of career you choose to invest in can do wonders for you.          


Drew Neisser